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  1. # make vids of kids singing # 5 winners 4 a slap bracelet. Every vid I donate a dollar to @Kikiandami

    Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 14:26:26 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  2. @caroltrevor: # Sunglasses from the @tarastrong too cute! That lil cutie is @wilw 's cousin!

    Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 03:10:08 UTC from Tara's Lips
  3. @Gypmama: - .@tarastrong,5yr old Anya wanted2send a # video so funny! I was gonna do kid vids 2morrow!

    Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 01:02:21 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  4. @w3ilow: And we named her Tara! After you!!! @tarastrong she's a # kitty!

    Sunday, 09-Sep-12 01:56:22 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  5. @ifudgedthatup: @tarastrong my wife is getting jellies of the fact that you tell me to do something & it gets done. # duh!

    Wednesday, 29-Aug-12 04:54:19 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  6. RT @TheMLPLovingKid @tarastrong Hope I'm # enough :3

    Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 20:36:37 UTC from Context Retweet in context
  7. @Jst20PrcntCuler: @tarastrong How # is my IT team? now I gotta give 3 slaps!!

    Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 19:00:15 UTC from Tara's Lips
  8. #! YOU r all # send me a video of u singing it & my fav gets a free autographed slap bracelet!

    Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 15:36:19 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  9. @_Vinyl_Scratch: @tarastrong my twin sister's wedding was # hardcore!!

    Monday, 27-Aug-12 04:36:26 UTC from Tara's Lips
  10. @Lady_Kaeru: Stuck on bedrest for two weeks...Guess it's time to stat marathoning something # @tarastrong feel better mama!

    Friday, 24-Aug-12 19:36:29 UTC from Tara's Hands
  11. @DlSCORD: So wait, @tarastrong was the narrator of every Payless commercial? # not every, just the good ones.

    Thursday, 23-Aug-12 00:18:14 UTC from Tara's Microphone
  12. Hey y'all....more # charity!! This one is for @Kikiandami

    Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 03:18:37 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  13. #?@dera_panda_rawr: Ok, this adorableness inspired me, send pics of # babies!!

    Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 18:18:17 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  14. @PlushieBrony: @tarastrong There's a war on your wiki page about whether # should be there. Your opinion? duh!!

    Monday, 20-Aug-12 22:36:42 UTC from Tara's Headphones
  15. @greydragon412 or #

    Thursday, 16-Aug-12 00:11:19 UTC from web in context
  16. Even the yogurt in Mexico is #

    Wednesday, 15-Aug-12 23:54:23 UTC from Tara's Headphones
  17. Cabo pool # Tuesday

    Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 19:54:31 UTC from Tara's Hands
  18. Its #! Live from Cabo San Lucas, tell your friends who are always there 4 u, no matter what; they r #

    Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 17:36:37 UTC from Tara's Headphones
  19. @MorningAmnesia: @tarastrong I just stitched this and I thought you might enjoy it # wow!

    Monday, 13-Aug-12 00:18:30 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  20. Just saw an ad 4 MLP in Cabo...heard Spanishlicious # ness

    Sunday, 12-Aug-12 14:54:25 UTC from Tara's Lips
  21. @DrPestilence: @tarastrong Ask an ye shall recieve , # she is very #

    Tuesday, 07-Aug-12 14:00:43 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  22. Its #! Go tell an old fart they r # Senior citizens can b licious 2. Send pics of your fav old fart.

    Tuesday, 07-Aug-12 13:54:29 UTC from Tara's Hands
  23. @Hunterchu: @tarastrong leaving home for 3 weeks of army training. # gear? Check! u look hot!!

    Saturday, 04-Aug-12 12:36:32 UTC from Tara's Music Stand
  24. @Brain_Bot_1_0: My creator programmed my voicebox to have the voice of @tarastrong. # what does this mean?!

    Friday, 03-Aug-12 13:36:18 UTC from Tara's Lips
  25. Our cleaning lady Elsa is so # We love her so much. She's had the hardest life & we make her laugh & feel loved every day

    Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 14:18:38 UTC from Tara's Lips
  26. # tell @ConanOBrien @CraigyFerg @KellyRipa @TheEllenShow they r # have the Bronies on 2 show who we r!

    Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 14:00:17 UTC from Tara's Hands
  27. @sparkly723: Sparkle horse!! @tarastrong # very #

    Tuesday, 24-Jul-12 18:18:35 UTC from Tara's Lips
  28. Its #! Tell your pet they r # &send me a pic of u & pet(we know Latka has issues)

    Tuesday, 24-Jul-12 13:19:04 UTC from Tara's Hands in context
  29. The 2 Timmy Turners were indeed together, the ridiculously handsome @DrakeBell & the # queen @ Spiderman

    Tuesday, 24-Jul-12 01:54:24 UTC from Tara's Insanity
  30. @twtarastrong @mushi I guess she tastes... # !YEAAAAHHHHH

    Monday, 23-Jul-12 15:30:31 UTC from web in context