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CSI: Miami one-liners

CSI: Miami one-liners

!csi horatio yeaaaahhhhh


Do you like leaving behind terrible puns after putting on your sunglasses? Because I thought I'd... B-|... group them together. YEAAAAHHHHH

CSI: Miami one-liners (csi) group


  1. # "Everybody is equal! Apart from me, the leader"

    Saturday, 04-Apr-15 20:33:52 UTC from web
  2. "He's been electrocuted." "No. No, he's been... electrocutioned." !YEAAAAHHHHH

    Tuesday, 24-Mar-15 22:18:19 UTC from web
  3. "Swedish band The Shout Out Louds released a limited edition of 10 promos for their new album that consisted of latex molds that you filled with distilled water, froze, and played on a turntable." I think this will be . . . B-| the coolest release of the year. !YEAAAAHHHHH

    Sunday, 30-Dec-12 05:07:09 UTC from web
    • Oh man, I just found some old VHS tapes recorded from TV. Apparently at some point in the 90s there was a show called "World's Greatest Dams".

      Sunday, 16-Dec-12 20:30:28 UTC from web
    • Where's my Chance-A-Lot blindbag, "Billy"????

      Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 12:03:26 UTC from web
    • The guy who wrote Toy Story 3 is going to write Star Wars Episode VII. This seems like... a new hope. !YEAAAAHHHHH

      Sunday, 11-Nov-12 22:03:51 UTC from web
    • "he said 'filly'. He must be a brony." #

      Thursday, 08-Nov-12 22:59:07 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • Ok, Trump has moved on to blaming the republican party and voting machines...

      Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 18:05:08 UTC from web
    • Zero Art Motivation

      Monday, 29-Oct-12 19:30:51 UTC from Choqok
    • # Twist creates a new type of self-replicating taffy with the help of dark magic, but it leaves Ponyville in a... sticky situation. !YEAAAAHHHHH

      Sunday, 28-Oct-12 10:35:42 UTC from web
      • Oh my gosh. I am drowning in clock up in here.

        Friday, 12-Oct-12 10:16:48 UTC from web
      • @greydragon412 Ha ha! You might say that this particular bit of chemistry... is an irritant. !YEAAAAHHHHH

        Saturday, 01-Sep-12 13:25:37 UTC from web
      • This Gay Aria. Hurr hurr hurr.

        Thursday, 16-Aug-12 22:50:49 UTC from web
      • HELP!!! Latka no!!!!

        Sunday, 22-Jul-12 17:00:32 UTC from Tara's Microphone
      • And then I am here for a little bit :3 HELLOOOO!!!

        Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 14:30:18 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • Magnetic buttocks.

        Monday, 09-Jul-12 11:17:08 UTC from web
      • that reminds me of @thelastgherkin

        Tuesday, 19-Jun-12 20:58:12 UTC from web
      • @greydragon412 Well, She's just... *sunglasses* Electrifying. !csi

        Sunday, 15-Apr-12 23:05:47 UTC from web
      • I don't always tell horrible, overused jokes about Skyrim.. But when I do.. I take an arrow to the knee.

        Monday, 20-Feb-12 21:24:26 UTC from web
      • @ceruleanspark I can safely say that nothing will be driven up my papayas in my lifetime... except if it's for medical purposes.

        Monday, 16-Jan-12 14:54:00 UTC from web
      • "!Horatio, someone is killing off clones." "Must be the work... B-|... of a copycat killer." !YEAAAAHHHHH

        Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 23:09:09 UTC from web
      • @rotation I used to think Skyrim references are funny, but they're not.

        Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 14:52:57 UTC from web
      • @greydragon412 Bet they taste.. B-(.. Fishy. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! !csi #

        Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:31:16 UTC from web
      • Seaponies... make Cerulean wet. !YEAAAAHHHHH

        Friday, 18-Nov-11 14:06:47 UTC from web
      • The only real fan fictions are the ones with... 8-| Mr. Breezy YEEAAAAAAH !csi

        Wednesday, 16-Nov-11 16:12:28 UTC from Choqok
        • Daylight savings time? NOT ON MY WATCH. !YEAAAAHHHHH

          Saturday, 29-Oct-11 18:47:28 UTC from web
        • Oh hey, it's that thinly-veiled song about doing it in the butt again.

          Saturday, 29-Oct-11 18:11:51 UTC from web
        • I have a cat next to me that makes difficult to leave the desk, and i don't think i can take the cookies with my sword, but they're too far to reach them with my hand. My life is on the verge of crumbling.

          Saturday, 29-Oct-11 11:34:04 UTC from web
        • @ceruleanspark Oooh yes, that sounds wonderful. :3

          Monday, 24-Oct-11 07:56:43 UTC from web

          Sunday, 16-Oct-11 20:09:25 UTC from web