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CSI: Miami one-liners

CSI: Miami one-liners

!csi horatio yeaaaahhhhh


Do you like leaving behind terrible puns after putting on your sunglasses? Because I thought I'd... B-|... group them together. YEAAAAHHHHH

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  1. Time for some Russian: двлцл жвждзгот лудуэь блдждоь ьчовщдэцжжщщнеулу двбылвл (don't ask me what it means because I have no idea)

    Sunday, 16-Oct-11 15:04:42 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
  2. "Come on, !Horatio, don't be dumb. You gotta change it. It's Daylight Savings Time." "B-|... Not on MY watch." !YEAAAAHHHHH

    Sunday, 16-Oct-11 11:25:26 UTC from web
  3. Decide to check RDN, look down popular comments, seems I missed some sort of war on balls.

    Friday, 14-Oct-11 21:29:42 UTC from web
  4. Looks like being unemployed... has benefits. !YEAAAAHHHHH

    Friday, 14-Oct-11 21:29:01 UTC from web
  5. Have some ponies. I draw those sometimes, right?

    Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 15:25:46 UTC from web
  6. "Horatio! The Carouselle Boutique is on fire! All of Rarity's dresses burn into ashes. We have to get there as quickly as possible!" - "Well... 8-| Then we'll see some hot coiture." YEAAAAAAAH !csi

    Saturday, 01-Oct-11 11:16:25 UTC from Choqok
    • Actually unscrew it. "!Horatio, someone murdered this badly-dressed accountant!" "Well, I guess there's... B-|... no accounting for taste." !YEAAAAHHHHH

      Thursday, 29-Sep-11 16:17:09 UTC from web
    • @thelastgherkin look what I've found on flickr

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 14:02:03 UTC from Choqok
    • I need art of Gherkin as a sea-pony being caught by Cerulean with a fishing line.

      Thursday, 22-Sep-11 13:00:51 UTC from TTYtter
    • Welp, now I've finished my dinner It's time for a nice evening not being ra-OH GOD WHAT IS THAT

      Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 17:41:50 UTC from web
    • "!Horatio, looks like somepony's been photoshopping bow ties, tweed jackets and fezzes onto a variety of actors!" "Looks like these photos have been... B-|... Doctored." !YEAAAAHHHHH

      Monday, 19-Sep-11 15:54:03 UTC from web
      • You all act like you're so high and mighty but really you're just dying for some magnetic loving.

        Monday, 19-Sep-11 15:43:46 UTC from TTYtter
      • I'm going to talk about something none of you have ever heard of; SAGE. More importantly, I'm going to complain about how it isn't any good this year like it used to be.

        Sunday, 18-Sep-11 14:02:52 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      • I'm going to bed. Happy fondling!

        Monday, 12-Sep-11 22:46:16 UTC from web
      • @derpy Ew, no. Anything but Twilight.

        Sunday, 11-Sep-11 08:46:03 UTC from web
      • I saw two different bottles of acetone-free makeup remover today. One was yellow and one was pink, but all the ingredients and even the barcode was the same. Looks like the differences were only... B-|... cosmetic. !YEAAAAHHHHH

        Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 19:35:01 UTC from web
        • So many wonders...

          Monday, 29-Aug-11 00:39:39 UTC from web
        • Just heard about Tom Jones apparently having a heart attack, but that's just a rumour. It's fortunately only dehydration, which is, well... B-| ... It's Not Unusual. !YEAAAAHHHHH

          Sunday, 28-Aug-11 20:58:51 UTC from web
          • "I was on vacation in a shabby hotel. The air conditioner was freezing and I got sick" - "Looks like it gave you a 8-| cold" !YEAAAAHHHHH

            Thursday, 25-Aug-11 11:12:51 UTC from Choqok
            • Why do Megan and Applejack look like they're about to make out?

              Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 17:24:11 UTC from web
            • # when you attempt to take the garbage out in under ten seconds.

              Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 14:38:38 UTC from web
            • In the story I'm writing, Nyx, this big dark evil-thing, wants to spread its Nyx Seeds across the universe. But the thing is I've just realized that sounds kinda dirty... Uhhhh, not sure what to do about it.

              Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 12:42:46 UTC from web
            • No shirt, no shoes, fan service.

              Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 22:12:36 UTC from web
            • There, finally finished with the drawing. Here's a link for anypony interested:

              Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 19:20:02 UTC from web
            • "!Horatio, this man was mauled to death by rabid squirrels!" "Looks like the squirrels... B-|... thought he was nuts." !YEAAAAHHHHH

              Friday, 19-Aug-11 19:41:19 UTC from web
              • what up all

                Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 21:42:19 UTC from web
              • @abigpony There was a dramatic pauses and sunglasses. The !YEAAAAHHHHH was the only thing missing! ... Apart from the pun.

                Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 21:45:59 UTC from web
              • Time is an illusion. !Teatime doubly so.

                Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 21:12:31 UTC from web
              • @mrn4rmn4rm !csi

                Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 05:39:21 UTC from web
              • I WANNA EAT A KNIFE! # I've heard they taste... B-|.. Sharp. *YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!* !csi

                Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 05:25:21 UTC from web