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  2. 3 years can go by so fast. I left in May of 2015, and I'm back. Some long term members may remember me. Some may not.

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  3. You lock eyes with the Walmart employee. They do not look away. The decay of capitalism has worn them down. You can sense the hours of training, the meaninglessness of their boss’ words of encouragement, their student debt. You look at them with all this and you ask “IS THERE A GREEN IPAD? MY KID WANTS AN IPAD AND THEY TOLD ME IF IT ISNT GREEN THEY WONT USE THE TOILET ANYMORE AND THEY ALREADY PEED IN MY FRONT SEAT. HE’S 26 BUT YOU KNOW HOW THINGS ARE RIGHT NOW”

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    • vriska and Scribus repeated this.
    • @@bridge You lock eyes with the target employee. They *do not* avert the gaze... The decay of being a credit card and electronics salesman has worn them to a husk of what soul remained.... "I AM BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE THE ELEMENT 55 INCH TV FOR $200. I WILL GO ON THE INTERNET AND SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU. I KNOW THE STORE MANAGER AT THE OTHER LOCATION. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE IT I KNOW WHERE YOU WORK AND I WILL FIND YOU." As your manager comes to attempt a rescue, it is too late, the damage is done... And you witnessed a 50 year old acting like he was 5. It will take more than a few 6 packs to numb the soul of which yearns for release from a perpetual retail prison...

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