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  1. yesterday i took a look at the korean writing system. they were talking about yin and yang letters and i was like WTH dude

    about 6 minutes ago from web
    • me

      about 35 minutes ago from web
    • I guess furthermore people who are afraid of snakes are just continuing that form of our evolution also

      about 21 minutes ago from web
    • The idea that dragons embody our ancient rivals from primordial times is made apparent by the names that some cultures gave dragon; zver for instance in most Slavic languages, which is a word for serpet or worm.

      about 24 minutes ago from web
    • I got a shiny Nosepass

      about 24 minutes ago from web
      • Oh my god you guys, seriously... My ass... My asshole feels like it's on fire...

        about 30 minutes ago from web
        • just bought a vacuum clearner ayy lmao

          about 40 minutes ago from web
        • God dammit I left my bag in my car

          about 33 minutes ago from web

            about a day ago from web
            • @m14brony HAHAHA... Is this the guy who made Cenk from TYT totally lose his cool after trying so hard to swallow his pride ? ... Awesome, now I can't take either of them seriously ever again.

              about a day ago in context
            • @critialcloudkicker I don't know about any history between Alex Jones and TYT, but Alex Jones is batbatcave insane. Amusingly enough, one can purchase water filtration equipment from Infowars.

              about a day ago in context
            • @m14brony All you need to know is that Alex Jones crashed the TYT live coverage of some debate some time ago, and Cenk really ate his pride untill finally he unleashed his inner animal after Alex Jones pushed too many of his buttons... Also Ana Kasparian did a thing ( how completely droll and predictable at this point in time )

              about 41 minutes ago in context
          • I got to the college an hour and a half early because I suck at timing what should I do

            about 2 hours ago from web
          • HOT DAD MADE IT!! BLESS

            about 2 hours ago from web
            • Chugged a coke today because I dropped the cap at a stoplight and then it turned green so I couldn't look for it

              about 2 hours ago from web
              • I eat the memes, I Fluffle Puff the memes, without memes I will die

                about 3 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
              • Weed has been legal in DC for almost two years now, that's pretty cray cray my dudes

                about 2 hours ago from web
              • Speaking of Trump and weed, weed is being handed out during Trump's inauguration tomorrow, but I have work. :(

                about 2 hours ago from web
                • The better question is, how do you think Mattimation is made? Ha ha ha lol :o)

                  about 2 hours ago from web
                  • You can always tell when I'm posting on the toilet because it's literally all the time

                    about 3 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                  • .

                    about 3 hours ago from web
                    • Our correspondence ended there. They literally stopped trying after I told them that their first suggestion was not the problem.

                      about 3 hours ago from web
                      • A tall and old building just collapsed in Tehran. Some firefighters and people were trapped in :(

                        about 6 hours ago from
                      • just FYI the protocol at snapchat support is to copy-paste you their terms of use and then ignore further requests for help

                        about 3 hours ago from web
                        • Time is a tool you can put on the wall...

                          about 3 hours ago from web
                        • Snapchat support insisted I was using third party hacks and that's why I couldn't access their app. I told them I was using the official app with no modifications. They stopped responding to me after that so now I AM using third-party hacks just to log in to the stupid app.

                          about 3 hours ago from web
                          • @nepmango When I reply in our ticket system that lazy ass feels too special to read my elaborate replies. Then asks twenty stupid questions, answers to which are right above, and after I delicately answer to every question, attaching screenshots where I stroke with red where I already answered, he then says, that my replies are ‘not elaborate enough’ and it’s hard to get to a point below all these complex words, commands, screenshots etc. Our SA wants to live in a world of easily solvable tasks not taking any time.

                            about 3 hours ago from
                          • Holy kiwi I illustrated three-minutes of storyboard material over the last two days

                            about 3 hours ago from web

                            about 3 hours ago from web
                            • # 2870

                              about 4 hours ago from web
                              • If you want to do something that others don't want you to do, you DON'T tell them. That much is pretty darn obvious.

                                about 4 hours ago from
                              • Send dudes

                                about 6 hours ago from web
                                • Yeah I can type GameGrl lyrics from memory, so what

                                  about 7 hours ago from web


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