Connor (bronybooze)

  1. !calgary The best dayyyyyyy evvverrrrrrrrr! besst dayy everr~

    Sunday, 20-May-12 18:10:28 UTC from web
  2. !Calgary # It's been a while since I've shown myself here. I'd like to say sorry for my absurd absence from the group before anything. The most i ever did was press the create button for the group.I've been going through some personal issues and for the most part they've been resolved, I'm glad everything has gone so well still. I just want to say that ill be around >.>

    Monday, 30-Apr-12 01:39:07 UTC from web
  3. Hello Everypony Its me Batman. i mean Booze. Anyway Im still sneaking around here and wanted to ask you if you had any cool ideas for this groups design. Backgrounds, Colors, Colours Ya know !calgary

    Friday, 11-Nov-11 13:36:39 UTC from web in context
  4. !Calgarybronies Also im open to new ideas about the layout of the group page if anyone of you have a cool idea tell me on here or add my Msn You guys are all awesome and stuff

    Thursday, 27-Oct-11 03:39:34 UTC from web
  5. !CalgaryBronies Happy 50 Members Everypony!

    Thursday, 27-Oct-11 03:38:02 UTC from web
  6. !calgarybronies @conjure Derpy hooves sure likes the behinds of the doctor peppers doesnt she.

    Monday, 24-Oct-11 06:29:01 UTC from web in context
  7. !CalgaryBronies 2x Great EPISODE MULTIPLIER! I knew she was the right princess to follow and this just solidifies that fact!

    Saturday, 22-Oct-11 18:10:44 UTC from web

    Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 09:01:15 UTC from web
  9. !calgarybronies Ah Am Never Goin on this Site again!

    Thursday, 29-Sep-11 09:03:47 UTC from web
  10. !calgarybronies Well im satisfied for today more than 5 mentioning's of Luna in 1 minute and Fluttershy being the worst for Discord to handle.

    Saturday, 17-Sep-11 20:31:40 UTC from web
  11. !calgarybronies @darcyblue heck yes darcy i was there :D

    Saturday, 10-Sep-11 18:01:02 UTC from web
  12. !calgarybronies that was an awesome BBQ guys thanks for being awesome!

    Saturday, 10-Sep-11 04:41:07 UTC from web in context
  13. !calgary ok guys gonzo already said it before but text me or call me 587 777 2178 especially people giving a ride im lookin at you @lonehowler :P

    Friday, 09-Sep-11 13:29:11 UTC from web in context
  14. !calgary oh god oh god oh god i want to come but i still don't know if my rides a ok me and gonzo have no idea how to get there ahhh then there's school which isn't a priority today lol im only there for 3 hours a day just about.

    Friday, 09-Sep-11 13:25:59 UTC from web
  15. @lonehowler Hey just double messaging but me and Gonzo4monzo really need a ride for the BBQ tomorrow all our info is on the group wall ill me in school till at least 1:30 any time after that and i can book it to sunridge same with gonzo. if you need to get a hold of me just text me anytime

    Friday, 09-Sep-11 03:58:02 UTC from web
  16. !calgarybronies WHAT comments on the new design? D:

    Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 00:18:17 UTC from web in context
  17. !Calgarybronies That background be a worker pony named AppleJack. Also Three days yay.

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 12:09:04 UTC from web
  18. @puzzlemint Yeaaaahhhh! #

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 11:44:27 UTC from web in context
  19. !calgarybronies Oh and before i go and keep spamming the group page my school is having a welcome back BBQ on the same day as our bbq! Sweet Food at school then Ponies and food! nah i think ill just leave before it so that means i get to go to bowness park right when we get the Site! isnt that Great?

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 11:39:25 UTC from web
  20. !calgarybronies Btw Yes im awake at 5 am and yes im postan ponies i cant really sleep i have my first real day of school today. its only 2 periods and one semester but still...

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 11:35:50 UTC from web in context
  21. !calgarybronies Who wants ta know about how i got such a prestigious job as this? Its Quite funny actually.

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 11:33:07 UTC from web
  22. !calgaryBronies Man Fridays going to be a busy day for me that's my First week of school finishing up and right after school the barbeque starts so i book it down to sunridge where i meet all my other friend where we then go to the Barbeque. Good thing i don't do Homework!

    Sunday, 04-Sep-11 14:41:12 UTC from web
  23. !calgarybronies In the short times ive been back ive brought 2 people to the group one of them bringing another to it as well! Thats a new record for me!.

    Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 13:25:38 UTC from web in context
  24. !calgarybronies I don't know if ill be able to come to the BBQ since i start my last semester of school the day before but I'm sure as hell going to try . ill try bringing one or 2 of my brony friends that live close by to me. I hope i don't get cold feet.

    Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 08:57:08 UTC from web
  25. !calgarybronies oh woe is me when i realize that its 5 am and no ones awake. D:

    Monday, 29-Aug-11 11:55:54 UTC from web in context
  26. !calgaryBronies Omg I'm back does anyone remember me :D Its seems I've been missing everything but i have a good excuse My internet hasnt been the greatest in my house and its finally been fixed now i can actually go on the internet and SL and all that other fun stuff again! From reading more into the latest news you guys have been having a bunch of successful meetings and that's great! i watched the youtube videos to! ive been busy myself i learned that one of my friends is a Brony too! and me and him converted Pony wisdom onto my other friend who was with us at the time! Maybe i can convince him to go to a meeting that would be great im sorry i haven't been around lately or told DarcyBlue about my internet situation but Important thing is I'm Still here and junk ! my god and we got 32 people now as well! i remember it being only 20 last time i was here good to see there's so many of us in the city known for Rodeos :P

    Monday, 29-Aug-11 11:26:30 UTC from web in context
  27. @calgarybronies i haven't said something in days .... hmmm hello.

    Tuesday, 02-Aug-11 04:33:27 UTC from web
  28. !calgarybronies @darcyblue all i need is a date an adress and an area and ill yell to my mum as i run out the door that im going to a place iver never been to with people i met on the internet :D shes cool like that.

    Wednesday, 20-Jul-11 09:50:53 UTC from web
  29. @darcyblue I have a skype comradeheimdall when I wake up I'll login and stuff

    Tuesday, 19-Jul-11 13:00:10 UTC from StatusNet iPhone in context
  30. @darcyblue !calgarybronies Cleaning, Organization, and Finding things on the internet are my "special" talents i guess.

    Monday, 18-Jul-11 10:49:11 UTC from web in context