Butterscotch Q. Sundae (butterscotchsundae)

  1. @princesstwilightsparkle Sorry I've been away so long. But I return with a silly story: Scenes from the new season 2 episode with Discord in it! Caution: not a real leak, and full of corny humour: http://buttersc0tchsundae.deviantart.com/#/d49b87g

    Saturday, 10-Sep-11 00:30:53 UTC from web in context
  2. @roygbiv Witchety grubs are what they gave us to eat for little lunch (recess) at Primary (Elementary) school. They taste like these lollies (candies): http://imgur.com/LbKHj

    Thursday, 25-Aug-11 07:14:58 UTC from web in context
  3. @miloth Shoe shopping :/

    Saturday, 30-Jul-11 01:30:37 UTC from web in context
  4. @retl It was shoe-shopping. :/

    Saturday, 30-Jul-11 01:29:53 UTC from web in context
  5. Back from shopping!

    Saturday, 30-Jul-11 00:09:57 UTC from web in context
  6. Sorry everypony! Got to go shopping. Have a good day! (or night if you're across the wrold from me!)

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:26:46 UTC from web in context
  7. @loak Try Interventions are Magic - it's very non-confrontational and only mild shipping is involved. http://buttersc0tchsundae.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0#/d39y20g

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:25:35 UTC from web in context
  8. @ristar Thanks! :) It's courtesy of the artist Foxxy/TwilightFlopple: http://twilightflopple.deviantart.com/

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:24:15 UTC from web in context
  9. @onixus Hey onixus! How are you going today?

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:22:39 UTC from web in context
  10. @loak Hey loak! Nice to meet you. My avatar is courtesy of the lovely artist Foxxy: http://twilightflopple.deviantart.com/

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:21:25 UTC from web in context
  11. @loak I just wanted to look at some pony stuff to put a smile back on my face. And it's already worked :)

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:19:58 UTC from web in context
  12. @marrock I know how you feel. I've been going into pony withdrawal. It's worse than heroin withdrawal.

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:19:23 UTC from web in context
  13. @flaxx I'm the goddam Butterscotch Sundae!...(actually, just a shipping fanfic writer).

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:17:44 UTC from web in context
  14. @flaxx You don't know who I am?

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:15:45 UTC from web in context
  15. @loak My keyboard is sopping wet from my tears. :( And now to deal with real life without a new episode to keep me strong.

    Saturday, 14-May-11 00:00:00 UTC from web in context
  16. First week without an episode!

    Friday, 13-May-11 23:57:26 UTC from web in context
  17. @rainbowdashismycopilot Oh yeah, that sniper dude. That's why people make all those sniper jokes at my expense on the internets...

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 08:05:18 UTC from web in context
  18. @rawkz0rz Melbourne! Ack! I hope you enjoy good food, terrible weather and very pretentious arty people.

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 08:04:40 UTC from web
  19. @shrouded Obviously, us Antipodean ponies do!

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 08:03:59 UTC from web in context
  20. @pixellatedponi @thewolverine I like both spellings. I find myself typing gray half the time. Also, they spell it GAOL in Australia.

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 08:03:35 UTC from web in context
  21. @rainbowdashismycopilot I've never played it but my brother is the gamer in the family. Isn't one of the characters Australian?

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:36:18 UTC from web in context
  22. @rainbowdashismycopilot ....:D

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:35:35 UTC from web in context
  23. @moonprincess GAOL

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:35:15 UTC from web in context
  24. @thewolverine I can guarantee you that AUS definitely is! I'd love to visit Arizona... I find all the pictures of the American deserts absolutely gorgeous and romantic!

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:35:06 UTC from web in context
  25. @pixellatedponi Thanks! There are a number ofAmerican spellings I like to use (like jail and gray), but the whole OU thing I can't negotiate on.

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:32:51 UTC from web in context
  26. @rainbowdashismycopilot Australium? Is that the mineral that bestows the ability to be good at swimming and Rugby and absolutely nothing else?

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:31:35 UTC from web in context
  27. @thewolverine I notice you're from Arizona!" It's kinda like that, but with lots of less EVERYTHING.

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:30:34 UTC from web in context
  28. @rawkz0rz Then welcome, honorary Aussie! (All Australians are born with two powers: 1) drawing an outline of our country freehand and 2) making anypony an honorary Australian at will.) Also, come and live in Sydney. Not Melbourne :P

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:28:22 UTC from web in context
  29. @rawkz0rz Hey brony! Thanks for joining my group. :o Also, have another internet hug!

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:24:10 UTC from web in context
  30. @ponymancer Hey Ausbrony! What's going on? Thanks for joining my group!

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 07:21:57 UTC from web