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Write a story for the herd? Post the link, talk about your story, get ideas and feedback. Or hey, even if you don't write fanfics, might as well see what people have written, right? (Though, please label your fics people. Tell us if you're giving a FluttershyxBloomberg clopfic)

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  1. Weird question. Does anyone have any works of writing that they would like me to make into an audiobook?

    Saturday, 15-Feb-14 10:24:23 UTC from web
  2. Well, now I'm typing up a brand new fanfiction (don't worry, not a copy paste of FO:E). Won't say much else aside from that, for now. !writers

    Friday, 13-Apr-12 12:33:50 UTC from web
  3. A little fic on my me and my friends OC. Its one of my first fics so constructive criticism !Writers

    Thursday, 19-Jan-12 14:47:41 UTC from web
  4. !writers Here's my second story, this time one that wasn't done in a day. Don't know how many chapters it will have yet, but there will be more to come.

    Friday, 30-Dec-11 21:14:57 UTC from web
    • !writers can somepony edit muh story?

      Thursday, 15-Dec-11 15:48:30 UTC from web
    • !writers i am making a fan fic that has to do with mental disorders such as, bipolar, A.D.H.D, postramatic stress, and A.D.D., and autism. im having trouble giving my characters personalty

      Thursday, 17-Nov-11 15:48:51 UTC from web
    • !writers i need advice

      Thursday, 17-Nov-11 15:40:14 UTC from web
      • !writers Just puttin' my fic up for all to see: (Grimdark Slendermane crossover fic, currently 5 chapters in.

        Sunday, 09-Oct-11 20:09:50 UTC from web
      • Finally got everything up on But now my author's comments look really weird.... :< Anyways, !writers

        Tuesday, 07-Jun-11 06:19:33 UTC from web
      • Forgot to do this yesterday again: !writers New part of EoA is out. Also has link to second side-story okay, back to work

        Monday, 06-Jun-11 17:16:35 UTC from web
      • !writers Why do I do this? Elements of Awesome is getting another sidestory

        Thursday, 02-Jun-11 06:13:28 UTC from web
        • !writers # Okay, back to work

          Sunday, 29-May-11 22:49:26 UTC from web
          • Huh, found a mostly complete side-story for Rejection. !writers should go ahead and finish writing it then type it up?

            Wednesday, 18-May-11 06:35:12 UTC from web
            • Totally forgot to do this yesterday: # !writers & !writeponies Elements of Awesome Part whatever

              Monday, 16-May-11 06:47:59 UTC from web
              • To any !writers or !writeponies who wanted to get in on the !eqdaily 300-Word Event, the deadline has been extended. Hopefully, I'm not repeating anypony excessively...

                Thursday, 12-May-11 20:29:23 UTC from web
                • !writers & !writeponies, my first draft for the !eqdaily 300 Word event. My question is, would you call this "grimdark?" I don't really know...

                  Wednesday, 11-May-11 10:42:28 UTC from web
                • !writers Just sent in the newest part of Elements of Awesome. But here it is before BlogPony posts it:

                  Monday, 09-May-11 06:47:56 UTC from web
                  • Somehow I managed to turn the latest (not typed) segment of Elements of Awesome into the same crappy story (no, it's okay, it is pretty bad. I already know) it's been, but now with a pretty decent side-story. :< So yea, part 3: Too much dialogue again. Side story part 1: Not too bad if I do say so myself. !writers

                    Sunday, 08-May-11 09:27:32 UTC from web
                    • Okay, goin home to sleep and such, but first: !writers (done advertising self for now)

                      Thursday, 05-May-11 23:15:21 UTC from web
                      • Oh yay I can do this !writers Elements of Awesome updated with Part 2:

                        Thursday, 05-May-11 17:54:13 UTC from web
                        • Testing something: !writers

                          Tuesday, 03-May-11 20:05:00 UTC from web