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A group for ponies who want to roleplay as cast members or their own original character ponies to post.

Roleplay Ponies (roleplayponies) group


  1. !roleplayponies

    Wednesday, 16-Oct-13 03:11:08 UTC from web
  2. !roleplayponies So strange to look back on all that was... in the light of what is now occurring...

    Thursday, 29-Nov-12 21:21:20 UTC from web
  3. Oh awesome, !EquestrianDawn has a group now. Join get!

    Thursday, 28-Apr-11 22:01:11 UTC from web
  4. There seemed to be enough tentative interest to justify it, so I made an !equestriandawn group for the MUSH I'm working on. I'll keep everypony posted here, if they care to keep up. :) !rp !vgp

    Thursday, 28-Apr-11 16:59:17 UTC from web
    • !rp this new rp site is gonna rock!

      Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 22:27:54 UTC from web
      • !rp # Alright, I'mma squeeze in some writing and SR2 then I'll be back to RP.

        Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 22:16:14 UTC from web
        • !rp !vgp I have a testing server for a MUSH set up now, if anyone's interested. And I will need wizards if anyone is interested in that. !techponies

          Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 22:52:29 UTC from web
        • I thought getting my MU* server running would be the hard part. Now that I've done that, the learning curve just got ugly. Looks like I know where my free time will be spent for the next . . . ever. !rp !vgp !techponies

          Monday, 25-Apr-11 23:30:12 UTC from web
        • # On the subject on !rp i'm afraid I may have to quit for the moment...:< Real life and IRL bros are stopping me being able to actuslly get involved in the going-ons without being intrusive. # Exams start on May 13th too and I need 2 As and a C for entry into the course I want in, software development. Hate when real life pushes you around.

          Monday, 25-Apr-11 23:11:12 UTC from web
        • To tell you guys the truth, I originally planed this place to be a place for fanfic writers to update the public about their fan pieces, or for people to share their art, or tell people about the locations of new toys etc. Right now, 70% of posts are RP. and this was kinda unexpected. I may need to install a separate RP board. The original rush of people that came in after EQD are not logging in, and RP may be contributing factor. I'm not saying don't RP, but this is not what I had in mind.

          Monday, 25-Apr-11 22:47:19 UTC from web
        • # is this place fully an RP place? i can't tell

          Thursday, 21-Apr-11 18:11:05 UTC from web
        • # !rp Alright everypony, I'm going to have to miss most of the RP tomarrow. Extreme technical issues. [THE ONE DAY I HAVE OFF!!!]

          Thursday, 21-Apr-11 01:22:44 UTC from web
        • # oh and sorry for lack of !rp of recent guys...been busy with school and IRL buds. Promise I'm gonna RP big style tomorrow!

          Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 23:10:27 UTC from web
        • Yo, !rp ponies. Are you thirsty for roleplay in realtime? No Ads, no confusing IRC client. Simple commands.

          Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 03:08:04 UTC from web
        • @twilight # awesome...IRL I mean xD I'll jump in now for an hour or two into the !rp

          Monday, 18-Apr-11 19:55:40 UTC from web
        • # uh, gah! gotta school in the mornin'. Gutted was quite enjoying this...for the sake of!dd and !rp someone can be a pseudo-frostbite. I'll catch up on the wiki! g'night guys!

          Sunday, 17-Apr-11 23:12:21 UTC from web
          • # The multiverse portal is closed btw. // *The room has just 1 door and 1 button, also 1 camera*

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 23:00:55 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • Robotic voice: Please proced into (# ANDROID HELL!!!) the portal *portal opens and it leads to the outside the room* // Taki: *blinks* // Sentrie: *shoot start to shoot anything that moves but OH LOOK! they ran out of bullets soon after .3.*

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 22:44:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • *looks to takisawesome* uhm.. hello?

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 22:27:01 UTC from web
          • # Ok so whos gonna start up

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 19:54:30 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • @takisawesome !rp hello there! *salute* The name's Frostbite Puck!

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 20:11:41 UTC from web
          • *flies around but when he sees the smoke blinks, he dives down only to land next to Chip and Atticus*

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 20:04:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • !rp Why is there smoke in the sky...

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 20:06:29 UTC from web
          • I AM FIT AGAIN...WOO HOO! *runs around* NO MORE BED REST FOR ME! *stops abruptly*...Now I can watch the Hockey!! *starts off* !rp

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 19:18:49 UTC from web
          • !rp Hey everypony.

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 17:40:06 UTC from web
          • @dubstep in both !rp and # see ya bud!

            Sunday, 17-Apr-11 03:23:37 UTC from web
            • There, done dusting. *looks around* What else is their to clean?

              Sunday, 17-Apr-11 03:02:18 UTC from web
            • Hi everypony! What a BORING day at school, I hope mom baked some more muffins!

              Saturday, 16-Apr-11 22:12:35 UTC from web
            • # # I don't believe anypony meant offense. Why not make up and let the !rp commence? I know this topic is one of great controversy, but for now I think its best to just let it be.

              Thursday, 14-Apr-11 20:29:17 UTC from web
            • well, gonna go back into !rp mode...*trotting about aimlessly*

              Thursday, 14-Apr-11 02:40:23 UTC from web