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A group for the Pony MUSH, "Equestrian Dawn."

Equestrian Dawn (equestriandawn) group


  1. Hell, I was dreaming in code when I launched !EquestrianDawn

    Monday, 10-Apr-17 02:48:44 UTC from web
    • Well, I've been google image searching maps of Ponyville so that I can properly map out exactly where the locations of My Little Brony are, and I found more than one image that links back to RDN.

      Saturday, 22-Aug-15 03:06:58 UTC from web
    • there should be an RDN-hosted MUSH

      Thursday, 25-Jun-15 01:32:44 UTC from web
    • Let's not even start about how I've seen the game under my eyelids the last three nights

      Saturday, 27-Sep-14 03:38:18 UTC from web
    • Man, now I'm really glad I didn't get rid of the Yahoo eMail app on my phone. Trying to reconnect with some people from !EqDawn re: a job I'm going to put in for.

      Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 01:13:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • @snowcone well if i can start it i can play with you

      Monday, 27-Jan-14 07:50:15 UTC from web
    • i wanted to try LoE, but i dont exactly have faith on the computers we have here

      Saturday, 25-Jan-14 23:40:16 UTC from web
    • !equestriandawn Well uh. Basically a kind of OOC civil war going down between the ones who make the MUSH go, and bnopony's happy about it. (And I've also learned not to use bbcode in dashes, because I have no idea how to make that work.)

      Sunday, 07-Jul-13 07:46:14 UTC from web
    • @mushi Hey umm... do you have any idea what happened to the Rainbow Dash Roleplay Network? I think it got renamed and switched to a different server or something correct?

      Saturday, 22-Jun-13 01:19:18 UTC from web
    • Happy Birthday, !EquestrianDawn MUSH! Congratulations on existing for two years!

      Thursday, 25-Apr-13 12:29:51 UTC from web
      • Pony repeated this.
    • !equestriandawn MUSH's second birthday will be on the 25th of this month, 9 days from now.

      Tuesday, 16-Apr-13 13:42:22 UTC from web
      • Holy damn, what is going on with !EquestrianDawn?

        Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 17:32:22 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • !equestriandawn MUSH's second birthday will be on the 25th of this month, 21 days from now.

        Thursday, 04-Apr-13 13:19:42 UTC from web
        • Looks like things are happening in/around !EquestrianDawn. Righteous.

          Thursday, 28-Feb-13 06:00:26 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • Weirds me out to recall that I've had my account with RDN longer than my account with !EquestrianDawn MUSH. I invested far more time into that MUSH than anything else in the past year and a half. Seems like my interest in RPing just totally fell by the wayside though. Almost like listening to fanfics via Text-to-Speech has totally overshadowed RPing in terms of efficiency for my lifestyle to the point that it's hard to justify RP VS reading a fanfic / watching a video / attempting to write my own darn stories. Don't have to spend those extra hours of time waiting for the back and forth from the whole read-response cycle and whatnot. Anywho. Happy New Year, y'all! And Happy Holidays too! (There were a bunch of them and I don't remember half of 'em.)

          Tuesday, 01-Jan-13 15:04:29 UTC from web
        • !EqDawn -- Our plan has been upgraded. We now have twice as much storage space, and 25% more RAM! Unfortunately, this probably won't do anything for the recent lag-spikes, but our hosts have assured me that they are working to resolve the issue, as it has been reported by other customers as well.

          Wednesday, 30-May-12 15:57:09 UTC from web
        • Got word back on the !EqDawn server load -- they're not yet sure what's causing it, but they've had other reports and are looking into it. If all else fails, we can switch to a different machine from the same hosts. @spectrumflash

          Wednesday, 30-May-12 15:14:10 UTC from web
          • @scribus Don't suppose you have any idea what might be causing the huge lag-spikes on the !EqDawn server, do you? Seeing CPU load spiking up to 130+ at times. (Definitely not us)

            Tuesday, 29-May-12 19:37:54 UTC from web
          • Just had a dream I singlehandedly beat the tar out of an entire extended family of violent misogynistic white supremacists. Never did get my donkey back, but I did find their cloning machine while it was making a copy of my dad's dog.

            Saturday, 28-Apr-12 15:24:02 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • Happy Birthday, !EquestrianDawn MUSH. May your future be a prosperous and happy one. (Meanwhile I need to chill out on the daily logins. Thing's gonna be the death of me at this rate.)

            Wednesday, 25-Apr-12 14:03:44 UTC from web
            • !EquestrianDawn represents over 1/3 of the users logged into our host's servers! :D

              Sunday, 15-Apr-12 06:26:15 UTC from web
              • !eqdawn And we're back up thanks to @spectrumflash 's mad skills. Thanks, dude.

                Sunday, 15-Apr-12 03:13:42 UTC from web
                • !eqdawn No, it wasn't my fault this time. :|

                  Sunday, 15-Apr-12 02:41:44 UTC from web
                  • !EqDawn Aaaaand We ran out of memory as of 10;22PM EDT 14 April 2012. "EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN: chunk swap file write, 65500 remaining, errno 122: Disk quota exceeded"

                    Sunday, 15-Apr-12 02:26:06 UTC from web
                    • .....I'm about to fin MLPonline to see if it's playable yet.... btw, . GO THERE NOW QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Thursday, 12-Apr-12 19:56:11 UTC from web
                    • MUST...HAVE ...ROLEPLAY.. NOW!!!

                      Sunday, 08-Apr-12 02:30:55 UTC from web
                    • Ok. Anypony know how tO get a cutie mark? Also, does anypony want to Tell me how to rp? And where to do it?

                      Saturday, 24-Mar-12 01:57:02 UTC from web
                    • Mailing !EquestrianDawn business cards back to various credit card offers. >:3

                      Tuesday, 20-Mar-12 02:03:52 UTC from web
                    • *Ehem* May I just say something real quick? The Rp site located Here thing is incorrect. Now, yes, that IS RdnRp, but it's screwed up and ruined. The correct site for REAL My little pony; Friendship is magic role play is this site here ---> Ponies are migrating too here because most of the Rp on RdnRp is being screwed up and ridiculous. Everfree Rp is a better RolePlay site. It's more of a slice of life Rp and it's more like MLP;FIM than RdnRp. Thank you for reading this, and I hope any Rpers out there will take this into at least minor consideration. *Bows*

                      Thursday, 15-Mar-12 22:42:07 UTC from web
                    • More importantly, !EqDawn Discord has returned as part of a two week event. Current player turnout (just online connections, not necessarily player-unique or attending the event): "There are 57 players connected."

                      Friday, 02-Mar-12 03:59:41 UTC from web