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  1. @are0h So, I don't know, I think they should've left it a mystery, explanations are good only when they are.

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    • @are0h The problem is that they added a lot of techno-babble to explain it, and, if my memory serves, that was implausible as heck

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      • Remember when this place was popular enough for random mothers to threaten to sue me over it? Good times.

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      • I knew it had to happen, and probably soon, but still... # Stan Lee.

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        • @are0h A fungus drive is such an odd idea though, and their explanation of it is so full of pseudoscience, I wished they haven't explained it at all…

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          • > It's interesting that you had to resort to a Finno-Ugric language to find an example in the Latin alphabet.
            What can I do when West and South Slavs lost the thing :-).

            > Does Russian have an official Latin alphabet of any kind?
            > What do you do in passports, for example?
            Well, you know,

            By the way, "совѣтъ" (pre-reform orthography) was officially transliterated as "soviet" back in the day.
            The letter "ѣ" has been removed from Russian in 1918 as the sound merged with the palatalising "е" long before that (in the spelling simplification efforts).

            > Do Russian schools teach how to render Russian words in the Latin alphabet?

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            • > Sounds similar to Spanish ñ come to think of it.
              Indeed, "ña" ~= "ня". Also "ňa" in Czech/Gajica.
              The two palatalised consonants that are relatively widespread in the world are "n" and "l", apparently.
              "l" like in German.

              > Do any of the Slavic languages with a Latin alphabet use accent marks to mark palatisation?
              Well, it's complicated.
              Only East Slavic languages retain palatalisation with consonants like "s", "t", etc., and those use Cyrillic. There are some unofficial Latin alphabets, but they all have an ambiguity in this area.

              Instead of focusing on Polish or Czech alphabets, I'll just say that Hungarian has the palatalised "t" spelt as "ty". Exactly the thing needed :-).
              So "Путин" would be "Putyin" in Hungarian, and, say, "тесть" would be "tyeszty".

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              • @commagray Если бы ещё описание ссылок указывало, на какой комментарий она указывает…

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                • @thor The Cyrillic alphabet's "И" is actually just "i" as in "fish". If it were "Putjin", then the spelling would've differed: "Путьин", where "ь" serves as a separator that also palatalises.
                  So in "Putin" there are just 5 sounds.
                  And in "нет" ("njet") – 3 sounds. Native speakers can tell, really.
                  The trick is that East Slavic languages have a very distinct difference between palatalised and non-palatalised consonants. The "t" here is very distinctly palatalised, which is close to what an additional "j" would also do.
                  There is also a non-palatalising alternative to "и", which is "ы" (transliterated as "y"). By of them in a sentence: "ты тихий", "ty tihij".
                  Also on the topic: there is a Cyrillic letter "ї", which is present in Ukrainian, that is just like the Latin "ï" (as in "naïve").

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                  • > why accept a substitute when you can have the real thing? ;)
                    @pesco With the real thing you'd still need to take care of two separate argument declarations. Punishment for a mistake – implicit int.
                    Besides, when every single argument has a type defined (which must be the case in good code), double defining brings a lot of clutter to the table.

                    So the substitute is simply superior to the real thing ;-).

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                    • > I for one think k&r is kind of nice when functions have long argument lists and the types obscure the names. Looking at you, function pointers.
                      @pesco Adopt a more verbose code style then :-).
                      When every function argument is on a separate line they don't mangle each other, akin to the old K&R style, kind of.

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                      • @fribbledom Even K&R declarations? Bold.

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                        • @fribbledom Even K&R definitions? Bold.

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                          • > немноко
                            @e Ай-яй-яй, кто такое пропустилъ?

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                            • @tdemin The wrong one.

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                              • What is the bigger topic of today: Stan Lee or Pokemon?

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                                • @tdemin Yes, that feeling when a series is actually a trope-fest :-).

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                                  • @balancer Если записать в математической форме, то всё становится совсем просто:
                                    3a + 3b = 21
                                    3a + b + 2c = 19
                                    2a + 2b + c = 15
                                    x = a + 2bc

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                                    • Yeah! Glitchy smartphone display. Not only does it create running ghost images (like on old CRT TVs with lost synch signal) but also the digitizer is glitchy and it locked my SIM card with random inputs.

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                                    • @lexi Their memory probably filtered out everything about Star Trek except the Picard's voice and Ferengi's ear shape %).

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                                    • Today I was blind for 90 minutes. I was at a location in Hamburg with my company's department where people can experience the life of a blind person. It was interesting.

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                                    • @brainblasted I've also noticed that the gtkmm developers really don't have a problem with extending the API how they like it, like Gtk::Button::set_image_from_icon_name() or an overloaded Gtk::Application::run() that can accept a Gtk::Window as an argument.
                                      All this stuff could've been in GTK+, but it isn't.
                                      Not really an issue because one can simply ignore the extras, but I wonder if any other binding does a similar thing.

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                                      • @brainblasted I guess the main questions are how it handles memory management and signals, as these are the weirdest parts of gtkmm.

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                                        • @drequivalent Not too far off.
                                          It's pretty confusing for an outsider when the oppressed sound just like the oppressor.

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                                          • @drequivalent It's easy to see how that kind of aggressive rhetoric benefits the current status quo in the US…

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                                            • @bob It also requires a phone number on registration now.
                                              Courtesy of the Mail.Ru Group.

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                                              • > the right is way more skilled at talking to "normies" than the left.
                                                @devurandom Probably because it's easier to successfully deliver a message full of drama like "them commies are out to get you and take your job!" than teach something of value.
                                                In the US "the left" can be very dramatic too though.

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                                                • @brainblasted So you are making a project in gtk-rs?
                                                  I've been wondering… how do you compare it to gtkmm as a binding :-)?

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                                                  • @kaniini Well, that's depressing.

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                                                    • @ninjatrappeur I read everything since my last reading session.
                                                      AndStatus allows to perform that easily.

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