1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @mrbananabeak I suggest you don't do that again.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:38:01 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark I'll second that suggestion...

        Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:38:52 UTC from web
    2. @mrbananabeak Gee, I wonder.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:43:17 UTC from web
    3. @mrbananabeak I don't really care what you insinuate about me, but I won't have you upsetting other people.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:46:17 UTC from web
    4. @mrbananabeak Even if I grant that making gay jokes isn't inherently offensive, making gay jokes about someone who's sensitive about the subject because they've only just managed to come out of the closet IS.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 07:52:33 UTC from web
    5. @mrbananabeak This kind of stuff goes on a [b]public timeline[/b] here. Take it down, as someone will get offended - sooner rather than later, I'm sure.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:00:41 UTC from web
    6. [c=red]R[/c][c=orange]a[/c][c=yellow]i[/c][c=green]b[/c][c=blue]o[/c][c=purple]w[/c] Dash! #

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:04:46 UTC from web
    7. @mrbananabeak Jokes are one thing; using slurs are completely different.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:06:41 UTC from web
    8. @thatonepony Swearing [s]mangoes[/s] stuff!

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:09:15 UTC from web
      1. @minti lol

        Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:09:48 UTC from web
    9. @mrbananabeak dole is usually seen as an insult though, depending on the location. Derpy is not.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:10:53 UTC from web
    10. @mrbananabeak It has everything to do with the connotation most associated with it. As with the slur you used, it is mostly used in the derogatory sense. Hence why advised you to drop it.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:12:03 UTC from web
    11. @mrbananabeak I'll grant one exception: the United Kingdom, where it refers to a cigarette.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:12:53 UTC from web
      1. @chiefanchor I recently saw a British film that used the word bananas ambiguously. It was funny.. I think the name was "Lost in Eyre"

        Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:14:11 UTC from web
    12. @mrbananabeak So you're whining like a brat because someone doesn't like it when you're blatantly bullying someone? You just said it was meant as an insult. Sorry, had to butt in here because that's ridiculous

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:15:48 UTC from web
    13. @mrbananabeak I'm not arguing against your right to hate him; I'm arguing against your assumed right to harass and defame.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:15:54 UTC from web
    14. @mrbananabeak Well I guess to each their own, cause it's quite the opposite here.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:16:16 UTC from web
    15. @mrbananabeak ... lolol. #

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:21:04 UTC from web
    16. @mrbananabeak Because you don't use "dole" as an insult to a gay person in the same way you don't call a handicapped person a "Retard". It's common decency, and very obviously bullying. I'm sure you think you're very edgy and cool though, but the world isn't high school, really.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:21:45 UTC from web
    17. @mrbananabeak Heh, it's on odd concept everywhere. Every time I mention it people don't believe me. xD

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:23:51 UTC from web
    18. @mrbananabeak As much as I advocate free expression, I draw the line when it comes to direct offensiveness. Would I make a gay joke with my buddies at work? Occasionally. Would I call my gay friend a 'cherries'? No.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:27:41 UTC from web
      1. @tenmihara Yes. Anybody can say whatever the hell they want, but it's also someone's right to take issue when it becomes abusive

        Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:30:21 UTC from web
        1. @reverie This is also perfectly valid

          Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:32:04 UTC from web
    19. @mrbananabeak NO U. Just be nice, lashing out and being a jerk for no reason makes no sense.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:29:25 UTC from web
    20. @mrbananabeak That wasn't my point

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:30:38 UTC from web
    21. @ponydude Uh.. no. Bullying someone with no reason has no meaning.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:32:38 UTC from web
    22. @mrbananabeak Tell me. Do you like bananas?

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:33:18 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark If this is going where I think this is going... I'm going to need a telescope to watch this unfold... and possibly popcorn.

        Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:34:50 UTC from web
        1. @chiefanchor Share the popcorn, I got none. :(

          Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:35:14 UTC from web
          1. @minti #

            Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:35:36 UTC from web
    23. @ponydude Nope. Am I supposed to care?

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:35:23 UTC from web
    24. @mrbananabeak See it's not just "silly if you despise and insult him.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:35:51 UTC from web
    25. @ponydude Do you really expect me to *squee!* on de- well played...

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:37:21 UTC from web
    26. @ponydude

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:38:32 UTC from web
    27. Alright # I'm going to bed, I'm sick of trying to add rot13 to my !rdnrefresh-alike. Why oh why must I suck at designing small little buttons.. D:

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:38:50 UTC from web
    28. @ponydude Eh, it's nothing really. I can do it, I just don't have any sort of interface planned right now. Tried making little buttons in Photoshop to use as a ROT13 toggle but that failed horribly.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:40:54 UTC from web
    29. @ponydude Pretty sure what he said wasn't a jab at you or !rdnrefresh. #

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 08:56:00 UTC from web
    30. @ponydude Mmm, meh. xD I'm not going to go out of my way to defend someone who was just banned.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 09:00:17 UTC from web
    31. @ponydude It's nice to see you around again. I have a project requiring some web work, if you're at all interested.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 09:02:35 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    32. @ponydude I'll send you a DM.

      Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 09:08:25 UTC from StatusNet Desktop