1. Hi, everypony! :D New member of this community, from Tulsa, 35 year old male! I've been a Brony since last July. So happy to see there are Bronies in Tulsa (Brohoof)! :D

    Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:36:09 UTC from web
    1. @fluttershyguy77 welcome to RDNet :3

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:36:41 UTC from web
    2. @fluttershyguy77 Welcome to RDN # Enjoy your stay!

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:36:46 UTC from web
    3. @fluttershyguy77 Well, well, welcome to the cozy little enclave we call RDN. Make yourself at home!

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:01 UTC from web
    4. @fluttershyguy77 Welcome to RDN newpony!

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:10 UTC from web
    5. @fluttershyguy77 welcome *subscribes to you*

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:18 UTC from web
    6. @fluttershyguy77 Welcome aboard! Have # and #!

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:27 UTC from web
    7. @fluttershyguy77 hug! Welcome

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:29 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    8. @fluttershyguy77 Glad you've got bronies in your area. Welcome!

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:50 UTC from web
    9. @fluttershyguy77 welcome! Fluttershy is awesome!

      Friday, 03-Feb-12 03:37:51 UTC from MuSTArDroid

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