1. Oh God, I don't know anypony. This is awkward. What do I do?!?! It's been too long RDN....

    Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:15:51 UTC from web
    1. @loak Hi!

      Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:16:09 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada OMG NAME I RECOGNIZE. Hey there man! Lol.

        Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:17:25 UTC from web
        1. @loak Hi!

          Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:17:44 UTC from web
          1. @redenchilada Hi!

            Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:18:02 UTC from web
        2. @loak I just noticed your profile says you play ITG. Are you into the custom songs aspect of the game?

          Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:18:31 UTC from web
          1. @redenchilada Haha, you just noticed this?! Yeah, I am reallyyyyyy into custom songs. I've written a few charts myself, but I really just like to play other people's really good charts. I also have some videos on my youtube page lol.

            Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:20:15 UTC from web
            1. @loak (actually I noticed it a few weeks ago, but you were gone then) That's cool! I've been needing a bit more variety on my USB drive for the arcade recently...

              Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:22:44 UTC from web
              1. @redenchilada There are a lot of good simfile packs online if you search for them. Look on the DDRIllini forums. The Cuorenero megapacks also have a lot fo really good charts. Also, youtube is one of the best places for finding new stepcharts. Just follow the really good players. What level do you generally play on?

                Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:25:21 UTC from web
                1. @loak I'll have to check them out; most of my files are from r21freak so far. I'm honestly just getting into it, clearing 10s on a case-by-case basis. I actually had a good group playsession this past weekend!

                  Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:28:15 UTC from web
                  1. @redenchilada Hmm, well once you start consistently passing 10's a good idea would be to find some 11 charts that have a lot of streams because streaming is one of the most essential techniques in ITG. The best examples I can think of are I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly; Crazy Loop; and Feels Just Like That Night. How are you enjoying the game overall? I am thoroughly addicted to say the least xD It'll be another 9 days before I go home and can finally play again.

                    Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:31:24 UTC from web
                    1. @loak Haha, stream is my eternal weakness. I can barely do it on a keyboard, much less on an actual pad. I'll keep those charts in mind, though. I'm completely addicted, too, if my posts in !rgp are any indication.

                      Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:36:23 UTC from web
                      1. @redenchilada Haha nice! Yeah man, streaming is all about being able to recognize those arrow patterns. Can you pass all of the stock 10's? (Sunshine, Sweet World, Tribal Style, etc.) Ooooh and Charlene, it's an 11, but it's really helpful for learning some of the more difficult techniques and it's really fun xD

                        Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:40:44 UTC from web
                        1. @loak I... honestly don't play the stock songs all that much. Our dedicab has way too many hacked songs, and I have way too many songs on my USB.

                          Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:42:39 UTC from web
                          1. @redenchilada Haha, I guess that's understandable. You should still give some of the 9's, 10's, and 11's a try if you feel like it. A lot of them are very well written and pretty fun. How much is it per play on your dedicab?

                            Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:44:17 UTC from web
                            1. @loak For most people, it's $1/4 songs. For my group of friends, it's free~

                              Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:46:05 UTC from web
                            2. @loak It costs $10 to get into the place though.

                              Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:46:58 UTC from web
                              1. @redenchilada Well aren't you guys lucky! Except for the $10 part... I work at the arcade where my machine is so I get to play for free all the time xD

                                Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:53:44 UTC from web
                                1. @loak Eh, it comes with pizza and drinks, so I'm not complaining.

                                  Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:55:21 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                  1. @redenchilada That works I guess.

                                    Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:56:32 UTC from web
                                    1. @loak I make up the cost by staying for six hours at a time ^_^

                                      Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:57:23 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                      1. @redenchilada Only six?! *smh*

                                        Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:58:03 UTC from web
                                        1. @loak I'm pretty bad about not getting there until 4 or so, and they close at 10.

                                          Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:59:10 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                          1. @redenchilada Oh, that's lame... I live within walking distance of the place where my machine is. Sometimes I'll be there from 10am to midnight xD with the occasional food breaks and clothes changes.

                                            Tuesday, 01-May-12 04:08:28 UTC from web
                                      2. @redenchilada Hey! Do you want to join Skype!?

                                        Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:58:43 UTC from web
                                        1. @dlcentaur Nah.

                                          Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:59:33 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                          1. @redenchilada :( Aww

                                            Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:59:53 UTC from web
    2. @sonorouscadenza I need to get to bed though... :(

      Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:17:38 UTC from web
    3. @loak I! AM! RARITY!

      Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:17:54 UTC from web
      1. @rarity Why hello there Rarity! How are you doing?

        Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:20:47 UTC from web