1. Good morning! # My thoughts seconds after waking up were this in order: A> Princess Celest[plot]. B> "Plow the !plot." C> Twilight taste-testing the teacher. D> WHAT THE WHAT I DON'T HAVE A PRINCESS FETISH WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN I ALSO DON'T HAVE A THING FOR GODDESS PEGA-CORNS OR AT LEAST I DIDN'T IN THE PAST AAAA. OR MARES IN GENERAL. I THINK. I HOPE. AAAAAAAAA THAT'S EVEN WORSE E> Apparently, joining the League of Unicorns gradually converts one's soul into a unicorn as well. That should have been in big red letters somewhere on the page when I signed up. I have finally BECOME !Oatmeal ...

    Saturday, 21-May-11 12:36:27 UTC from web