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Secret Butt Fun: A Plot and Pony Show

Secret Butt Fun: A Plot and Pony Show

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Watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the plot? Join us! Post pony plot for Secret Butt Funs. Alternatively, post Secret Butt Funs for [plot] points! Don't be picky, post the plot!

Secret Butt Fun: A Plot and Pony Show (secretbuttfun) group


  1. !butt this group is still here?! Oh well then, bring it on back Michael!

    Sunday, 02-Jun-13 23:50:11 UTC from web
    • Did I promise a break from the !plot ? I lied. Here, have a link to another mostly-dead group. This time, it's one I didn't have a hoof in making. I swear. What are you waiting for? Get posting and get that delicious karmas!

      Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 14:36:43 UTC from web
    • !secretbuttfun After the loss of Ponibooru, I'm updating the group link to point to the Derpibooru search. You may now resume your seven months of silence.

      Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 14:34:36 UTC from web
      • @widget I know that Faust doesn't like R34 but I wonder if she and/or others might look at !plot jokes in a different light. Anyway, it could have just been a silly pose they wanted to throw in just for kicks I suppose.

        Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 12:21:13 UTC from web
      • RDN, perverted butt fun.

        Sunday, 01-Apr-12 06:25:59 UTC from web
      • I love how at a moments notice I can change this place to Spitfire Network. So we can finish up with a !plot

        Thursday, 29-Mar-12 17:01:32 UTC from web
      • I am cherries DEEP in grounded.

        Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 21:00:01 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • butt butts lol i loev them

        Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:18:23 UTC from web
      • ... Okay ponies has affected me too much. Viewing the source of a page and found "<div id="plot">" and laughed. Bahaha silly ponies.

        Friday, 24-Feb-12 19:37:58 UTC from web
      • @thatonepony !secretbuttfun

        Monday, 20-Feb-12 09:02:03 UTC from web
      • # !secretbuttfun C'mon, you guys! Get submitting so I can feature this instead of ! Pleaaaase?

        Sunday, 19-Feb-12 16:08:12 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • if plot has become a euphemism in the brony community... then would a plot hole be considered as... well, you know

        Thursday, 16-Feb-12 21:25:07 UTC from web
      • hm... my # dash got no comments. What if i say # ?

        Thursday, 16-Feb-12 01:51:26 UTC from web
      • Did a crashcourse on MySQL, so now I have basic competency. And I've at least looked at PHP before. I know what I want functionality wise, but I haven't figured out how to give the WIP !plot website a frontend that is as pretty as it is useful. (# joke averted.)

        Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 14:41:01 UTC from web
      • So uh. Hey. Remember that site? I'm thinking of doing an entire site dedicated to !plot. Having trouble figuring out how I want to implement it, though. I'm thinking either a collection of linked thumbnails, or a links gathering place akin to reddit. #

        Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 19:24:46 UTC from web
      • Taking another break. How's everypony doing?

        Friday, 27-Jan-12 03:37:36 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • I guess I could pick another new icon, but there aren't a whole lot I can think of that I care for.

        Thursday, 26-Jan-12 17:50:41 UTC from web
      • A good pony haul so far.

        Sunday, 25-Dec-11 14:08:40 UTC from StatusNet Android
      • !PLOT

        Sunday, 18-Dec-11 02:59:02 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • I must deeply investigate his !plot.

          Thursday, 15-Dec-11 04:01:11 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • A !plot a day keeps the... friendship... okay?

          Friday, 25-Nov-11 20:38:01 UTC from web
          • @ponydude2143, I think it will amuse you that chubbie Fluttershy is sat on your icon right now. I think she likes you.

            Sunday, 13-Nov-11 02:00:03 UTC from web
          • !Secretbuttfun

            Sunday, 06-Nov-11 14:20:13 UTC from web
          • !secretbuttfun

            Friday, 04-Nov-11 22:07:55 UTC from web
            • !secretbuttfun

              Thursday, 03-Nov-11 21:47:27 UTC from web
              • Hardly minutes awake and I'm already considering drawing Apple Bloom today.

                Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 12:29:45 UTC from web
              • Cute enough that I drew him. !art

                Saturday, 29-Oct-11 20:41:25 UTC from web
              • *Vague attention seeking dash*

                Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 20:09:55 UTC from web
              • Bridle Gossip. So much. Bloom.

                Thursday, 13-Oct-11 05:01:01 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • HIGH RES ACTION !plot

                Tuesday, 11-Oct-11 20:05:04 UTC from web