1. That moment you have a several-hours-long dream where you have to fight the Copyright MAFIAA to protect the Open-Source ecosystem and, after winning, find out your team used a pirated Microsoft war-planning tool. Really, brain? REALLY?!

    Wednesday, 02-May-12 10:35:11 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    1. @omni what was the tool called.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 10:46:20 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @ceruleanspark I didn't ask for the name, I was too busy searching for who was responsible so I could hit him for that stupidity

        Wednesday, 02-May-12 10:52:57 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        1. @omni What exactly does a War Planning program /do/?

          Wednesday, 02-May-12 10:53:37 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          1. @ceruleanspark I don't know, really. The only thing I can tell you is that it didn't work well for planning as we were unprepared. It allowed us to see invisible Copyright Ninjas though, so that was useful (really, I'm not making this up as we speak)

            Wednesday, 02-May-12 10:59:52 UTC from MuSTArDroid
            1. @omni As directed by Hideo Kojima, apparently.

              Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:00:30 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              1. @ceruleanspark I will just assume he makes completely insane or terrible movies

                Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:01:55 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                1. @omni He's the director of the Metal Gear Solid series of games. The first MGS title has a character who is in fact, an invisible cyborg ninja.

                  Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:03:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  1. @ceruleanspark But was that ninja dressed in a business suit?

                    Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:07:11 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                    1. @omni No, but if you've finished the game twice, the protagonist is.

                      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:08:27 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                2. @omni He makes completely insane movies but sells them as video games.

                  Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:04:09 UTC from web
                3. @omni #

                  Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:06:18 UTC from web
            2. @omni Your opinions interest me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

              Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:10:25 UTC from web
    2. @conventrix It's not really war-planning if it's entirely reactionary though, is it.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 10:57:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    3. @conventrix It seems like it'd actually be pretty useless, because how often does anyone actually fight a conventional war these days?

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:01:11 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    4. @conventrix its not called a retreat. its called "Advancing in another direction!"

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:08:38 UTC from web
    5. @conventrix i know. i was just trying to make a joke :0 i totally failed tho lol

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:12:59 UTC from web
    6. @conventrix Yeah. It makes much more sense to put that money into SIGINT and data mining ops.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:17:11 UTC from web
    7. @conventrix oh lol. just call me socially awkward penguin.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:21:29 UTC from web
    8. @conventrix Wasn't the M4 supposed to do that at some point?

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:38:02 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    9. @conventrix At this point, why aren't marines equipped with rifles that shoot around corners.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:49:52 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @ceruleanspark because the cornershot only accepts glocks.

        Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:51:49 UTC from web
    10. @conventrix When those panoramic camera thingies you can just chuck around the corner are much cheaper and more durable.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:52:29 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    11. @conventrix Are they still trying to replace the 5.56?

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:53:12 UTC from web
    12. @conventrix Isn't it cheaper to give you guys decent equipment than it is to replace you?

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 11:57:05 UTC from web
    13. @conventrix It's why I keep dismissing military tech work when it gets offered.

      Wednesday, 02-May-12 12:01:57 UTC from StatusNet Desktop