1. @nerthos I cant GET ANY COOLER YAAAAAAA

    Thursday, 09-Jan-14 23:25:12 UTC from web
    1. @awesam15 Is that a sausage on a pencil you're holding next to your mouth?

      Thursday, 09-Jan-14 23:26:13 UTC from web
      1. @commodorecrazycommanderofthe1stroyalbrigadeofspiceracksandcheese its a hamburger. But your right for the rest

        Thursday, 09-Jan-14 23:29:46 UTC from web
    2. @awesam15 I think you mean "blurrier"

      Thursday, 09-Jan-14 23:27:11 UTC from web
    3. @awesam15 why is there a picture of a 12 year old eating a turd?

      Thursday, 09-Jan-14 23:33:30 UTC from web
      1. @mylittlesistercantbethisincestual About a year and a half has passed, you still haven't changed

        Thursday, 09-Jan-14 23:43:35 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos that's not entirely true. This was funny.

          Friday, 10-Jan-14 00:44:00 UTC from web