1. I have no idea how @reaper reads the text on his/her timeline

    Thursday, 01-May-14 19:43:45 UTC from web
    1. @security I'm so close to forcing everyone to stare at their user designs on every page so people will stop using unreadable color schemes

      Thursday, 01-May-14 19:45:20 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada My user design is really cool though, so.

        Thursday, 01-May-14 19:46:32 UTC from web
        1. why did you write Cool Tapes on your timeline?

          Thursday, 01-May-14 19:48:19 UTC from web
          1. @rarity why not?

            Thursday, 01-May-14 19:48:33 UTC from web
          2. @rarity Uh, hello? Maybe because I like cool tapes.

            Thursday, 01-May-14 19:49:22 UTC from web
      2. @redenchilada RDN Refresh custom style master race

        Thursday, 01-May-14 19:47:07 UTC from web
    2. @security The profile description is unreadable, but the timeline itself can be seen without much effort

      Thursday, 01-May-14 19:46:33 UTC from web
    3. @security I didn't know anyone would be looking at my page XD. lol I'll fix it some other time. I'm rely busy doing nothing right now.

      Thursday, 01-May-14 19:54:19 UTC from web
      1. @reaper whenever i see a notification from you and click it, it shows up looking like that

        Thursday, 01-May-14 19:55:26 UTC from web