1. @twitch *SURPRISE STEALTH HUG* (because you'll maybe never see this or at least won't see it coming)

    Thursday, 29-May-14 06:28:45 UTC from web
    1. @pony Google said to not touch their property,.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:29:55 UTC from web
      1. @thewaifutyphoon Google is an illusion.

        Thursday, 29-May-14 06:32:51 UTC from web
        1. @pony then I own a lot of illusion-made stuff

          Thursday, 29-May-14 06:33:46 UTC from web
          1. @thewaifutyphoon ownership is an illusion.

            Thursday, 29-May-14 06:36:11 UTC from web
            1. @pony Piracy on the other hand

              Thursday, 29-May-14 06:37:21 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos man-made laws are an illusion (ableit useful), but dishonesty is real.

                Thursday, 29-May-14 06:38:59 UTC from web
                1. @pony I tend to support wits over law when people start charging for things without giving ownership in exchange for money. When you try to outwit people for profit, it's only just that someone outwits you and takes your stuff, and you can't complain about it.

                  Thursday, 29-May-14 06:41:05 UTC from web
                  1. @nerthos I can't say whether all piracy is dishonest, but I suppose piracy is, in all cases, against the law. I think that if the law is unjust then there's a chance that breaking it won't be dishonest. Justice and injustice are on my list as "real."

                    Thursday, 29-May-14 06:44:31 UTC from web
                    1. @pony Pants aren't real; they're just an illusion.

                      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:46:24 UTC from web
                      1. @thewaifutyphoon I see through the Matrix; that's why I'm not wearing any pants

                        Thursday, 29-May-14 06:47:12 UTC from web
                        1. @rarity High five

                          Thursday, 29-May-14 06:47:41 UTC from web
                      2. @thewaifutyphoon Jaden "Flamingpanda" Smith

                        Saturday, 31-May-14 00:01:32 UTC from web
                    2. @pony The thing is, you live in the land of unbridled capitalism, so laws focused on making money are often unjust towards the consumer. Over here laws on that stuff are far more lax, in part because people tend to be more combative about their rights and in part because software companies want to charge too much so it's either allowing some degree of piracy or letting the computer and gaming industry just sink. Then there's places like Russia that have cool things like anti-DRM laws. I'm against piracy when the developers don't rid legal software with bloatware and crap to keep users in check, like when buying from gog, but I support it for DRM-intensive software and "we can revoke your license at any time" software, since those are not muh different from outright scams. Justice over law, basically.

                      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:49:06 UTC from web
                      1. @nerthos Aye. The tricky part about claiming justice over law, however, is that, while it may not be dishonest to break the law, sometimes, I think, it still undermines what limited order may exist within the law and puts the whole system at risk of deterioration. Ideally, the people should have power to change the law rather than need to break it. Of course, when the people speak out, yet are still stifled by the government or by factions, then we get into dangerous territory and have to choose order vs. disorder, justice vs. injustice, accountability vs. innocence, etc. and every complex combination that makes the whole situation look gray.

                        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:00:25 UTC from web
                        1. @pony Whilst I am all for order, the issue remains that law is supposed to be a tool to make justice easier, but the modern world seems bent on subjugating justice to law. A phrase I think explains it pretty well is "Law is to justice what a gun is to a cop. A gun doesn't make a cop, in the same way law doesn't make justice". And regardless of what consequences there might be, justice must be upheld. If "order" requires justice to be ignored to sustain itself, then that order doesn't deserve to be, and must be erased and remade. And the problem with letting people change the law is that inevitably it will only make things worse, since most of the time people aren't smart enough to see schemes and are easily herded to support a change that isn't in the best interest of justice.

                          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:08:11 UTC from web
                          1. @nerthos If people were perfect we'd have perfect governments. Alas.

                            Thursday, 29-May-14 07:13:52 UTC from web
                            1. @pony If people were perfect we wouldn't need governments.

                              Thursday, 29-May-14 07:14:39 UTC from web
                              1. @nerthos We'd still need order I think. Yeah, we wouldn't need to label it government. I think if people were perfect the highest authority of manmade law would be parents.

                                Thursday, 29-May-14 07:17:51 UTC from web
                                1. @pony I don't think you understand what perfect means. In any case, in the rare situation where hypotetical perfect people needed authority, they'd just pick the individual with the most experience in the field at hand and unofficially follow that person for the duration of the activity, much like it happens among any group of agreeable, true equals working on something.

                                  Thursday, 29-May-14 07:20:44 UTC from web
                                  1. @nerthos Sounds reasonable to me for activities outside the home. The reason I say parents, though, is because parental love from perfect individuals is the strongest guiding force for good that I know.

                                    Thursday, 29-May-14 07:23:52 UTC from web
                                    1. @pony Perfect individuals don't /need/ guiding.

                                      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:25:40 UTC from web
                                      1. @nerthos Children, by my definition, are perfect, yet they need instruction/guidance.

                                        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:27:09 UTC from web
                                        1. @pony The children I have to be around aren't perfect by a long shot.

                                          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:29:21 UTC from web
                                        2. @pony Children, by definition, are inexperienced, roguish, rash, cruel and untempered. You can't really get farther from "perfect" than that.

                                          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:29:39 UTC from web
                                          1. @nerthos @thewaifutyphoon Fair enough. I guess I mean "perfect" in the sense of blameless. They only do what's taught to them. I'm talking about children about the age of 6 and younger.

                                            Thursday, 29-May-14 07:33:01 UTC from web
                                            1. @pony Man, don't even raise a kid.

                                              Thursday, 29-May-14 07:33:47 UTC from web
                                              1. @nerthos le-sigh

                                                Thursday, 29-May-14 07:37:04 UTC from web
                                                1. @pony I meant ever BTW, not even

                                                  Thursday, 29-May-14 07:37:57 UTC from web
                                            2. @pony I've seen children that haven't ever been taught or witnessed anything that's bad that are rotten little heathens though.

                                              Thursday, 29-May-14 07:34:02 UTC from web
                                              1. @thewaifutyphoon @nerthos neglect counts as a type of instruction, imo, which is usually the case for bratty kids.

                                                Thursday, 29-May-14 07:38:20 UTC from web
                                                1. @pony The thing is, you like children far too much to accurately judge their flaws, in the same way I'd overlook the flaws of say, a cat.

                                                  Thursday, 29-May-14 07:43:19 UTC from web
                                                  1. @nerthos I laughed too hard at this.. because it's probably true except I'm only blind to the flaws of the fillies, not so much to the colts.

                                                    Thursday, 29-May-14 07:46:50 UTC from web
                                                    1. @pony do you have any idea how skeevy it is when you refer to real children by pony terms

                                                      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:48:01 UTC from web
                                        3. @pony ew

                                          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:29:57 UTC from web
    2. @snowcone steal-th?

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:30:16 UTC from web
    3. @snowcone :o

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:31:34 UTC from web
    4. @snowcone :3

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:35:52 UTC from web
    5. @dashalicious yeah I'm just saying that children are /far/ from perfect. People in general are far from perfect. Even the most good-natured person in the world that never thinks about their self is flawed in numerous ways.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:36:33 UTC from web
      1. @thewaifutyphoon tis true.

        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:38:58 UTC from web
    6. @snowcone Too tired to remember honestly.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:48:11 UTC from web
    7. @pony - Giggles - I did see it~ *Super imotou hugs Back*

      Sunday, 01-Jun-14 03:43:50 UTC from web