1. >be rarity
    >sneak into le castle
    >find celest
    >le baseball slide as princess starts to sit
    >celesta sit on ur face
    >"who is this horse I am sitting on"
    >princes look down
    >"it u"
    >celetia kicks u out
    "no celest pls sit on my face"
    >elestia ignore u

    Thank u for reading my 1th fanfic

    Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 05:34:51 UTC from web
    1. @redenchilada Deserves a Raspberry Award

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 05:35:54 UTC from web
    2. @redenchilada even for that little while it would be worth

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 05:36:12 UTC from web
    3. @redenchilada Better than anything I've ever seen on Reddit.

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 16:16:35 UTC from web
    4. @redenchilada Nice fanfic ! Sooo long though . :)

      Sunday, 03-Aug-14 20:24:46 UTC from web
    5. @redenchilada BTW, I'm promoting your story on my fimfiction blog. So far you have as many as 12 extra views thanks to me!

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 13:52:48 UTC from web
    6. @rarity I'd say only half of my ~100 followers probably share my proclivities.

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 13:55:58 UTC from web
    7. @pony Well.. and beyond the fact that my style was still meh throughout the beginning of the fic. Still, it's my first novel length thing so whatever.

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:05:50 UTC from web
    8. @rarity It's the thought that counts!

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:06:26 UTC from web
    9. @rarity I find it extremely validating that, upon publishing a brief autobiography of myself as an author's note relevant to the fic, I received nothing but praise.

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:11:45 UTC from web
      1. @pony no comment

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:13:08 UTC from web
    10. @rarity suresure

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:18:38 UTC from web
      1. I should read Twilight again.

        Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:19:11 UTC from web
    11. @rarity Wait, you mean you read the FA author's note blog entry on fimfiction?

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:20:28 UTC from web
    12. @rarity Is that a question?

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:21:04 UTC from web
    13. @rarity Cool!

      Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 14:21:39 UTC from web