1. Hey guys. Wassup?

    Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:24:35 UTC from web
    1. @minti BEST OC! :3

      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:25:00 UTC from web
      1. @lyrica Best OC is up?! Whodat??

        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:25:56 UTC from web
        1. @minti Mint is worst OC. NOT ENOUGH HAT

          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:26:28 UTC from web
        2. @minti Modesty to daum

          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:26:36 UTC from web
        3. @minti Mint Breeze is best OC, she's too adorable

          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:27:21 UTC from web
          1. @lyrica Lieess. Mint has nothing on Lyrica. D:

            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:28:56 UTC from web
            1. @minti I disagree also someone drew Lyrica :3

              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:31:52 UTC from web
              1. @lyrica I disagree about your disagreeal! Also wow, that's pretty awesome o_o

                Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:32:54 UTC from web
                1. @minti you should comment on her work and watch her and see her other works, she is awesome

                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:33:20 UTC from web
                  1. @lyrica I don't have a dA thouuughh. ;_;

                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:36:00 UTC from web
                    1. @minti make one ;c I made Hugmaster make an account, AmiShadows needs more exposure for her work :<

                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:37:16 UTC from web
                      1. @lyrica Still calling me hugmaster? Also btw You didn't make me make a dA, I already had one xD

                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:43:19 UTC from web
                        1. @stumperman07 oh I know, and didn't know you changed you nick on here, remember i was on phone all day in a car

                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:43:58 UTC from web
                          1. @lyrica Does that mean you talked to people by avatar?

                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:44:26 UTC from web
                            1. @stumperman07 mostly, it's hard to read nicks on my phone

                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:45:02 UTC from web
                              1. @lyrica I don't get on RDN on my phone, heck the only thing my phone is used for is to see how much my bill is.

                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:45:50 UTC from web
                                1. @stumperman07 fair enough

                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:46:37 UTC from web
                                  1. @lyrica Seems legit.

                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:47:39 UTC from web
                2. @minti also I disagree x infinity

                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:34:32 UTC from web
                  1. @lyrica And it seems we must agree to disagree, or something.

                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:36:34 UTC from web
                    1. @minti you know what this calls for?

                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:36:51 UTC from web
                      1. @lyrica Okay I lied, I just never use it. XD

                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:37:18 UTC from web
                    2. @minti @lyrica I think this means we must perform the Fusion Dance and make the best OC EVER

                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:41:24 UTC from web
                      1. @lyrica Dragonball z Reference Props

                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:41:46 UTC from web
                      2. @lyrica ..... Baaahhahaha I was totally not expecting that.

                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:42:03 UTC from web
                        1. @minti An Alicorn that makes Sense!

                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:42:24 UTC from web
                        2. @minti I might have to try vectoring this tomorrow, if I can get my netbook to agree with me

                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:54:16 UTC from web
                          1. @lyrica Yes. Do it. You are vector god.

                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:55:38 UTC from web
                          2. @lyrica I can see this turning out really good, or really bad. xD Either way, do it! Also wait, netbook?

                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:55:59 UTC from web
                            1. @minti I'm in South Carolina, 800+ miles from my Desktop

                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:56:23 UTC from web
                              1. @lyrica Oh! I did not know this. Shows how much I pay attention. xD

                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:57:01 UTC from web
                                1. @minti eh it only happened yesterday morning and i just got here a couple hours ago

                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:57:37 UTC from web
                                  1. @lyrica @hugmaster wait a minute ... you lied to me

                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:00:05 UTC from web
    2. @minti HI MINTI

      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:25:09 UTC from web
    3. @minti HI MINTI :3

      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:25:10 UTC from web
      1. @psychostarlight @foxgopher :3

        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:26:19 UTC from web
        1. @minti I are vectoring. Hating how bad I am. :b How beist thou?

          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:26:58 UTC from web
          1. @foxgopher Complete and total crap, to be honest. How come when ever you have to confront a girl about something they did wrong, you end up feeling 3x worse about it than they do?! D:

            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:28:31 UTC from web
            1. @minti WOMEN ARE ENIGMAS! They just twist everything back on you somehow.

              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:29:21 UTC from web
              1. @foxgopher True dat. I'm not one to be sexist but ughh.

                Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:30:12 UTC from web
                1. @minti Seriously. Its like. REALLY? REALLY???

                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:30:41 UTC from web
            2. @minti Because you have to completely disregard their comebacks.

              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:36:22 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos If I did that I wouldn't be friends with them anymore, and sadly I kind of still want to be.

                Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:36:59 UTC from web
                1. @minti You know that what they reply is BS. Yuo can either ignore it, or do as if you're paying attention. Make them feel like you believe all that stuff, but don't.

                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:38:19 UTC from web
                  1. @nerthos Sadly that isn't the case too. It was more of her being a cherries than anything else. I'm trying to tell her not to do ruin something that belongs to me and she's all "Yes dad, okay dad. I understand.". I hate sarcasm so much. xD

                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:40:18 UTC from web
                    1. @minti That's the point in wich I start replying as an inquisitor. Either induce fear by words, or just grab by the neck and say "Shut up, know your place or I'll show you where you belong" Maybe the woman will hate you for a while, but there won't be any more problems.

                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:44:13 UTC from web
                      1. @nerthos I'd have to do some preparation before that, considering she had direct access to my possessions and could cause me lots of harm if I ended up doing that. xD But yeah, I've been tempted to do that sooo much. She drives me up a wall.

                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:45:41 UTC from web
                        1. @minti That is the whole point of fear. It's not like "NO U, grapes" but "See? Your life is in my hands and I can't find a mangoes to give about it" To make the other think that if he or she wants to take revenge, it's life will end in a most gruesome way. If control by reason or respect doesn't work, as with an animal you have to resort to fear.

                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:52:05 UTC from web
                          1. @nerthos Heh, true. Sadly you can't impose fear over the internet (or at least long-lasting effects). This is all virtual what I'm talking about. :p

                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:55:30 UTC from web
                            1. @minti Oh well. Then sadly I can't just teach you how to do it in a couple posts :C To make it happen over the internet it requires manipulation of the enviorment, and that's pretty difficult to do xD

                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:58:00 UTC from web
                              1. @nerthos I'm normally good with such things too, sadly she's a whole 'nother story.

                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:59:14 UTC from web
                                1. @minti Then you just have to remove her access to your stuff, and then send her a simple "apples you"

                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:00:11 UTC from web
                                  1. @nerthos That's been my plan all along, although with a more elaborate "kiwi you". I'm honestly thinking of going ahead with it but blah.

                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:02:04 UTC from web
                                    1. @minti "F*** you, and your cat?"

                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:02:24 UTC from web
                                      1. @scribus Exactly. That is EXACTLY what I had in mind, you sir are a genius and a psychic combined into one. ;p

                                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:03:51 UTC from web
                                        1. @minti I'm either genius because of my psychicness, or I got psychic because I'm a genius. Or something.

                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:04:31 UTC from web
                                    2. @minti Say kiwi your face

                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:02:48 UTC from web
                                    3. @minti Then do it and post pics! xD Take your time and make sweet revenge.

                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:03:41 UTC from web
                                      1. @nerthos Tempting.. xD

                                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:04:16 UTC from web
                                        1. @minti Fall to resist the temptation. The temptation for justice is good.

                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:05:30 UTC from web
                          2. @nerthos Oi.

                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:58:21 UTC from StatusNet Android
                            1. @carcino Hey. Where's the other half of your head?

                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:59:07 UTC from web
                              1. @nerthos Irrelevant, my picture is now like Scrib dog's.

                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:00:02 UTC from web
                                1. @carcino Oh, that makes sense.

                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:00:31 UTC from web
                                  1. @nerthos Neat right?

                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:01:14 UTC from web
                                    1. @carcino Kind of.

                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:04:03 UTC from web
                                      1. @nerthos I'm pretty smart.

                                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:04:26 UTC from web
                                        1. @carcino That statement contradicts your previous ones.

                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:04:55 UTC from web
                                          1. @nerthos You're avatar plus what you just said was a perfect match.

                                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:05:41 UTC from web
                                            1. @starlynx4 Heheh.

                                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:07:15 UTC from web
                                          2. @nerthos I'm so tired Nerthos.

                                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:05:56 UTC from web
                                            1. @carcino Too much partying?

                                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:07:48 UTC from web
                                              1. @nerthos No, just so tired.. Like the ending of P3. I just wanna sleep.

                                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:08:30 UTC from web
                                                1. @carcino Then the logic thing to do would be sleeping. But who cares for logic?

                                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:10:33 UTC from web
                                                  1. @nerthos I do.

                                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:11:06 UTC from web
                                                    1. @carcino Then go and sleep.

                                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:11:20 UTC from web
                                                      1. @nerthos I won't wake up. Instead, I'll reincarnate into a girl who is already alive. She's probably a robot too.

                                                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:12:53 UTC from web
                                                        1. @carcino But what happens to the previous occupant when you reincarnate into someone already alive?

                                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:13:42 UTC from web
                                                          1. @scribus It's still her. But she's also me.

                                                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:14:14 UTC from web
                                                            1. @carcino So that's where multiple personality disorder comes from....

                                                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:14:35 UTC from web
                                                              1. @scribus Well, no, because it's still her. I don't influence her at all.

                                                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:16:35 UTC from web
                                                                1. @carcino So you're just along for the ride?

                                                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:18:29 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                                                  1. @scribus Yep.

                                                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:19:47 UTC from web
                                                                    1. @carcino Weird.

                                                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:20:13 UTC from web
                                                        2. @carcino You'll be Aradia? Well, it's a win-win situation.

                                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:14:23 UTC from web
                                                          1. @nerthos Aegis, but close enough.

                                                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:16:07 UTC from web
                                                            1. @carcino Well, three letters wrong?

                                                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:16:33 UTC from web
                                                              1. @nerthos Eh.

                                                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:17:42 UTC from web
                                                                1. @carcino So what will you do? Abuse coffee?

                                                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:18:41 UTC from web
                                                                  1. @nerthos Fall asleep..

                                                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:20:01 UTC from web
                                                                    1. @carcino But then you'll be the girl!

                                                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:21:13 UTC from web
                                                                      1. @nerthos

                                                                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:22:23 UTC from web
                                                                        1. @carcino

                                                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:24:44 UTC from web
                                                                          1. @nerthos

                                                                            Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:25:35 UTC from web
                                                                            1. @carcino That's a great drawing.

                                                                              Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:27:01 UTC from web
                                                                              1. @nerthos I thought it was funny because we were talking about Samus' power armor adn then, BAM. There it was on Roxy.

                                                                                Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:27:55 UTC from web
                                                                                1. @carcino It's still sexy.

                                                                                  Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:28:28 UTC from web
                                                                                  1. @nerthos Eyes off buster, mine.

                                                                                    Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:29:04 UTC from web
                                                                                    1. @carcino Who said otherwise?

                                                                                      Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:29:40 UTC from web
                                                                                      1. @nerthos

                                                                                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:30:51 UTC from web
                                                                                        1. @carcino Lurking for ALL the pics. All of them

                                                                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:31:52 UTC from web
                                                                                        2. @carcino I need to sort my pic folder to be able to reply with pics.

                                                                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:34:05 UTC from web
                                                        3. @carcino It'll be so funny when the girl suddenly feels the urge to get drunk and find women.

                                                          Friday, 15-Jun-12 03:15:40 UTC from web
                      2. @nerthos #

                        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:47:27 UTC from web

      Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:25:34 UTC from web
      1. @mrdragon .... Best gif ever. RAWR

        Friday, 15-Jun-12 02:31:51 UTC from web