1. So this is an absolute gem. !lnrdn #

    Sunday, 31-Jan-16 09:49:54 UTC from web
    1. @scribus James Blake actually also did a cover of The Sound of Silence that I really like

      Sunday, 31-Jan-16 09:51:49 UTC from web
      1. @northernnarwhal Listening.

        Sunday, 31-Jan-16 09:53:48 UTC from web
        1. @scribus For some reason (probably the organ) it reminds me of Whiter Shade of Pale.

          Sunday, 31-Jan-16 09:57:45 UTC from web
      2. @northernnarwhal I guess I could've directed that @ you instead, but you know, the hell with conventional behavior.

        Sunday, 31-Jan-16 09:58:34 UTC from web
        1. @scribus Not the comparison I would've come up with, but I can definitely hear where you're coming from. Both songs have lots of really lengthy notes too that act as pads.

          Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:04:03 UTC from web
          1. @northernnarwhal Yeah, my first thought was that it was definitely well-done and "faithful" while being its own thing, but there was definitely something in the overall feel that added WSoP.

            Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:05:36 UTC from web
            1. @scribus You know, A Whiter Shade of Pale (despite being released decades prior) always reminds me of this song from The End of Evangelion Which I guess is because both are sort of nostalgic sounding mid-tempo organ ballads

              Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:15:30 UTC from web
              1. @northernnarwhal The intro is very similar.

                Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:33:31 UTC from web
                1. @scribus Yeah, both of them have drawn out organs and are give or take the same tempo. They're not in the same key, but they're close (AWSoP is in C major and KST is in Bb Major)

                  Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:38:35 UTC from web
                  1. @northernnarwhal I never did manage to get the hang of keys like that.

                    Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:40:28 UTC from web
                    1. @scribus I'm currently taking a course in music theory, plus I have a general background in music, so it's something I've gotten better at. Also I know how to play Komm Susster Todd on piano, it's a lovely song.

                      Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:42:10 UTC from web
                      1. @northernnarwhal Righteous.

                        Sunday, 31-Jan-16 10:42:37 UTC from web