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  1. And my everlasting # #

    about a year ago from web
  2. So we had two different kinds of whisk(e)y left over from New Years, and long story short #

    about a year ago from web
  3. So this is an absolute gem. !lnrdn #

    Sunday, 31-Jan-16 09:49:54 UTC from web in context
  4. For the love of God and all that is holy don't make me # it up in here again.

    Saturday, 05-Dec-15 06:05:36 UTC from web
  5. Never forget, life is a gift - enjoy it. Party Hard, and remember to embrace Champagne, Love, Sex and Respect. #, signing off. <3

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 08:02:53 UTC from web
  6. This has been #, and bringing this night to a close is a call for redemption, and for peace, for one and for all. !nowplaying

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:58:53 UTC from web
  7. Isolation, and distrust, only serve to separate us from one another, from unity, from God, and from love. If only more of us would stand for what's right, and be a Soldier of Love. !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:54:08 UTC from web
  8. While I acknowledge the value of seeking shelter, I'm not certain that I can advocate thinking only of oneself in a disaster. It seems to me that a lack of empathy, that ostracization, will only make things worse.... !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:49:37 UTC from web
  9. I believe we have things sorted now. It appears that we were the unfortunate victims of a Sonic Attack! !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:42:44 UTC from web
  10. We are experiencing technical difficulties here, so.... #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:40:58 UTC from web
  11. Now picture that head-to-head with some post-grunge hipsterism and you might have an idea of what our next piece is about. !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:36:13 UTC from web
  12. That little ditty didn't give me a lot of time to think, so we're gonna continue with the DDR songs into "Healing Vision" (of some form or another) !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:32:09 UTC from web
  13. That was "Deadman's Gun" by Ashtar Command. And Ashtar always reminds me of the villain from "Ninja Gaiden 2," and that, well, reminds me of ninjas, so.... TSUGARU DESU KA! # !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:30:51 UTC from web
  14. And speaking of ghosts, imagine your hand on a Dead Man's Gun. # !nowplaying

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:24:33 UTC from web
  15. As a tribute to the outlaws who didn't make it out alive.... # !nowplaying

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:18:52 UTC from web
  16. Sadly, not everybody has the opportunity to stage a brilliant escape. Especially not when they run afoul of The Man in . . . El Paso! !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:13:03 UTC from web
  17. I think it's safe to say that vampires are far from the only thing going bump in the night. Because tonight . . . there's gonna be a Jailbreak! # !nowplaying

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:08:54 UTC from web
  18. And no mention of creatures of the night would be complete without His Darkness, the Nosferatu himself, Count Dracula. !nowplaying #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 07:03:14 UTC from web
  19. This party is turning more than a little # but # will keep it rolling until midnight, babies! !nowplaying

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 06:58:47 UTC from web
  20. And with that little ode to #, I get to thinking about mortality.... Also, I spied with my blurry eye one of my tattoos which I really like, and it reminded me that despite the fact they say it's "permanent" it will only last a few months longer than I do. That said, here's another !nowplaying jam from #!

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 06:52:55 UTC from web
  21. #

    Tuesday, 24-Nov-15 06:48:37 UTC from web
  22. # !nowplaying Deadmau5 - "Raise Your Weapon." ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    Sunday, 07-Sep-14 20:16:07 UTC from web
  23. #

    Sunday, 07-Sep-14 17:15:35 UTC from web

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