1. Whoah, checking out RDN again and actually reading the messages, it's like everyone is only interested in saying something cool and getting recognized. They barely even reply to anyone else, because everyone else is saying equally silly things. It's like mindless small talk - But it's small talk even compared to small talk.


    Friday, 08-Apr-16 04:58:54 UTC from web
    1. @lvbot Do you see this more as a twitter, forum, miitomo, or facebook kind of site?

      Friday, 08-Apr-16 05:14:45 UTC from web
    2. @lvbot
      >Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.1 by Bach - interpreted by Yo-Yo Ma Playing
      >Sitting in a sofa chair
      >Pipe and fancy robe
      >Monocle on
      *coff coff*


      >fade to black

      Friday, 08-Apr-16 05:39:06 UTC from web
      1. @zennx But you also have to be wearing this hat.

        Friday, 08-Apr-16 05:48:44 UTC from web
        1. @colfax I'm afraid I have neither the hair, nor the skull for a fez
          but I do admit they are pretty damn cool

          Friday, 08-Apr-16 06:25:42 UTC from web