1. ok guys, I finally got a smartphone
    recommend games and stuff

    Friday, 11-Nov-16 22:53:33 UTC from web
    1. @zennx angry birds

      Friday, 11-Nov-16 22:53:58 UTC from web
      1. @mrmattimation ok, my bad.
        Recommend GOOD games and GOOD stuff

        Friday, 11-Nov-16 22:54:55 UTC from web
        1. @zennx plants vs. zombies

          Friday, 11-Nov-16 22:55:37 UTC from web
          1. @mrmattimation I finished it on the pc, are the sequels any good?

            Friday, 11-Nov-16 22:57:48 UTC from web
            1. @zennx i don't know

              Friday, 11-Nov-16 22:59:09 UTC from web
        2. @zennx ねこあつめ.

          Saturday, 12-Nov-16 00:15:11 UTC from web
    2. @zennx candy crush

      Friday, 11-Nov-16 23:03:28 UTC from web
    3. @zennx Farmville

      Saturday, 12-Nov-16 00:12:01 UTC from web