1. To who ever in the fediverse was educated in the American South, i.e. the former Confederacy; how were you taught about the Civil War or War of Northern Aggression? I'm becoming a little interested on American Civil War dynamic and am curiousas to how its waves still vibrate if they do at all.

    Saturday, 26-Aug-17 16:23:33 UTC from web
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      Saturday, 26-Aug-17 16:29:26 UTC from web
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          Saturday, 26-Aug-17 16:31:01 UTC from web
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            Saturday, 26-Aug-17 16:34:30 UTC from web
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    2. @awl I have spent my entire life in states that were once part of the Confederacy, and I was always taught that the war was an issue of states' rights as much as it was about slavery. We were taught that the war was a miserable failure on the Confederate's side from the get go, that the South initiated the violence by firing on federal bases the Union had not yet surrendered in the south, and that the southern economy depended on slavery so they were concerned Lincoln would economically cripple them.

      Saturday, 26-Aug-17 17:03:02 UTC from web
      1. @mrmattimation hm. Seems as though maybe it isn't as divided as I thought? Although you're the only one to have weighed in thusfar.

        Saturday, 26-Aug-17 17:21:39 UTC from web
        1. @awl It's also important to note that i attended high school in a more liberal area of Virginia, relative to the rest of the state, anyway.

          Saturday, 26-Aug-17 17:30:20 UTC from web