1. Debating buying a Chevy Bolt, any suggestions?

    Thursday, 07-Jun-18 04:02:40 UTC from web
    1. @oracle ew, American-made cars

      Thursday, 07-Jun-18 05:36:32 UTC from web
    2. @oracle I suggest watching the Videos of the YouTube user Technology Connections. He has some videos about that car.

      Thursday, 07-Jun-18 08:52:14 UTC from AndStatus
      1. @adiwan I love that guy!

        Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:33:06 UTC from web
      2. @adiwan If only the Tesla Model 3 was an option that I didn't have to wait for .... #

        Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:37:17 UTC from web
        1. @oracle Apart from the waiting time, how much do they differ in price?

          Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:42:00 UTC from web
          1. @adiwan Model 3 base MSRP is $35,000, 2018 Bolt base MSRP is $36,620

            Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:48:14 UTC from web
            1. @oracle Wow. I expected the Tesla to be more expensive.

              Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:52:05 UTC from web
          2. @adiwan Iv'e been investing $25 a day using acorns for last few years. So I can afford either with a down payment. WOULD RECOMMEND!!!

            Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:50:03 UTC from web
            1. @oracle I'd like to have an electric car but there is no way for me to have a charging station at work or at home.

              Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:53:35 UTC from web
              1. @adiwan I live at my University in married housing, so I wouldn't have direct access to a charging station here either. The way I see it though, my current car, 2015 Spark (Glorified Golf Cart™) has the same range as the Bolt because of it's small gas tank. I rarely fill that up more than once every ten days. Even in the small town of Logan Utah, there are a few places to charge. I think I'm fine with parking my car there for the few hours it takes to charge every week and half.

                Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:58:36 UTC from web
                1. @oracle The nearest charging station is at a shopping center a few kilometers away from my home but it'd be a hassle to charge there, especially when the only two stations are always occupied when I go there.

                  Thursday, 07-Jun-18 18:07:07 UTC from web
                  1. @adiwan You could use level one, 110V contentiously?

                    Thursday, 07-Jun-18 18:08:05 UTC from web
                    1. @oracle What is level one? (Here are 220V 50Hz)

                      Thursday, 07-Jun-18 18:13:51 UTC from web
                      1. @adiwan In the US, the lowest electrical outlet is 120V at 60HZ +- 15%. This is referred to as level one charging and it takes a LONG time to charge a car like this. Level one is usually the generic term for plugging a car into an outlet with no extra steps. In Europe with the slightly higher voltage, the charge rate is slightly faster, roughly 500 W/h per hour faster

                        Thursday, 07-Jun-18 18:24:30 UTC from web
                        1. @oracle Aaah. Well then... I don't think it's possible. I live in an apartment building with parking opportunities on the other side of the street (40m), or nearer, over the sidewalk (8m). I don't think I can lead an extension cable to either places.

                          Thursday, 07-Jun-18 18:34:36 UTC from web