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  1. @adiwan If only the Tesla Model 3 was an option that I didn't have to wait for .... #

    Thursday, 07-Jun-18 17:37:17 UTC from web in context
  2. @dokidoki solicitor called and used my irl name but pronounced the i's as ee's

    Wednesday, 29-Jun-16 22:51:47 UTC from in context
  3. @mono That also fits in a special part of #

    Friday, 29-Apr-16 19:44:03 UTC from
  4. Looks like my 'new' office is ready and I'll be moving into it this week.  I'm sure someone will appreciate the window in my current one more than I ever have.

    There's a new policy here that all window offices need to have their hall-facing window uncovered, but I can't focus on my work with people walking by (I feel like they're looking in whenever they pass by).  Having the hall-facing window blocked (which my 'new' interior office allows) is worth far more than a view of the Space Needle and Pacific Science Center.

    Definitely # and # here.

    Monday, 18-Apr-16 12:24:28 UTC from
  5. @zoowar Mean while, I have trouble opening my mail! #

    Monday, 01-Feb-16 22:34:41 UTC from
  6. tl;dr: "Video recording myself and posting it on # isn't lucrative." Where did you get the idea it would be? # #

    Wednesday, 16-Dec-15 10:03:13 UTC from
  7. Legitimately uncertain if I will be able to escape my debt with my sanity. # sure, but so what? Like only the most miserable waif is allowed to be sad?

    Tuesday, 15-Dec-15 18:29:24 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  8. Possibly the most recursively frustrating situation is the inability to # about the fact that your # connection is down. #

    Tuesday, 10-Nov-15 03:36:35 UTC from
  9. # Also, could be disturbing so viewer discretion strongly advised. Do NOT say I didn't warn you. So last period was my weight lifting period and I had been holding in a dump all day so I went to the oval office. After I was done I looked at the toilet paper dispenser and, you guessed it, all gone. There was no toilet paper anywhere in sight. Reluctantly I emerged from my hole and traveled across the restroom walking like a troll to try and keep the poop from smearing all over my butt to get some paper towels and then crawled back into my office. Everyone in the restroom saw... Why does this always happen to me.

    Thursday, 26-Mar-15 17:50:00 UTC from web in context
  10. # statt Milano, übellaunige Schwiegermutter statt Urlaub inItalien, immerhin # #

    Monday, 16-Mar-15 13:00:48 UTC from
  11. My mouse cursor keeps sliding off the edge of my screen and onto the stream-watching monitor #

    Thursday, 08-Jan-15 07:14:20 UTC from web
  12. I have chocolate but I just want a milanesa. #

    Sunday, 07-Dec-14 07:47:24 UTC from web
  13. @mrmattimation # I am currently at work.

    Thursday, 27-Nov-14 17:53:44 UTC from web in context
  14. Well, trying yet again to rip my yoga DVDs. This'll probably crash my computron yet again. #

    Saturday, 06-Sep-14 03:30:13 UTC from web
  15. Yes, I'm sitting in bead with a 13" laptop, a 12", and an EEE. #

    Tuesday, 26-Aug-14 23:19:36 UTC from in context
  16. @northernnarwhal #

    Sunday, 27-Jul-14 18:00:46 UTC from web in context
  17. @tohelo watering the lawn. It takes forever. #

    Sunday, 06-Jul-14 13:38:29 UTC from web in context
  18. Only 3/5 bars of WI-FI connection. #

    Tuesday, 01-Jul-14 23:46:44 UTC from web in context
  19. @pony I have to eat leftovers now! #

    Monday, 30-Jun-14 09:22:56 UTC from web in context
  20. @mylittletrixie I slept through dinner! #

    Monday, 30-Jun-14 09:22:18 UTC from web in context
  21. @pony Oh noes, i ran out of Captain Crunch! #

    Monday, 30-Jun-14 09:21:05 UTC from web in context
  22. Dumb spellcheck. Why must it slow me down by forcing me to verify that certain words exist? Why can't it's dictionary just be complete? Pshh! It's not like it ever saves me any time at all. #

    Monday, 30-Jun-14 09:19:19 UTC from web in context
  23. @critialcloudkicker #

    Wednesday, 11-Jun-14 11:58:59 UTC from web in context
  24. @bakasenpai You know what ? I am saying that we should follow the law of "the strongest will survive". I am saying that if we nuke anything we will get nuked back. And that is all thanks to the fact that some people were not ready to use our nucleair arsenal to stop other nations from aquiring their own nucleair arsenal. Anno 2014 it is way to late to stop anyone from aquiring a nucleair bomb that is not US. So when we are going to launch one, Russia will launch one, and then china will launch one, then we will launch one because there we do not have the upper hand, so then 4 missiles will be up in the air, half of which belong to US. Then ofcourse Russia and China will go "this will not stand" and launch 2 more themselves. At which point France will wake up and go "Holy Cheezez, we better do some fireworkz !", and before you know it our arsenal is empty, and as the first nukes begin on their re-entry, people in Africa will make twitter explode with hashtags like #

    Wednesday, 11-Jun-14 11:42:24 UTC from web in context
  25. Not being able to decide on an alarm tone for waking up in the morning #

    Sunday, 25-May-14 21:46:37 UTC from Choqok
  26. @techdisk #

    Monday, 19-May-14 05:22:27 UTC from web in context
  27. But it's so damn hot and my roommate used all the ice and the rum's not cold yet and # # #!! D:

    Saturday, 03-May-14 23:55:19 UTC from web
  28. Guys... guys.... guys... GUYS... I want to read but im in class ;-; #

    Thursday, 27-Mar-14 03:27:02 UTC from web
  29. Man, they just don't make laptops like I use laptops anymore... #

    Saturday, 15-Mar-14 23:52:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  30. My netbook is dying. USB ports fuzzing out, keys on the keyboard not working... Can't decide if I want to fix it or get a new lappy. Of course fixing it is cheaper, and damn it all it's been a faithful machine for this long, but . . . new. Improved. Upgrade. #

    Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 20:16:03 UTC from web in context