1. My spoilerfree opinion on the ending of GoT.

    FFS I just saw the episode where they threw Cercei in jail. That is only Season 5. I do not even KNOW anything about the ending of GoT. I do know that the 2 main guru's are the most hated toons in the eyes of the fans, such a strong reaction from the fanbase I have not seen for YEARS. The only thing that comes close is when I was in spittle range of some uber-nerd's litteral waterfall of words regarding how 'Han shot first'.

    Talking about Star Wars. The main guru's behind GoT are going to get their own Star Wars trilogy. But also Ryan Johnson was supposed to get his own trilogy. Meanwhile if I can take this thing anywhere close to serious

    If I had a betting sort of personality though I know what I would put my money on. But I am not. I'm just going to enjoy the Hindenburg-Train-Airbus-Hybrid-Crash while sipping my favorite beverage.

    It makes me feel like a winner.

    Tuesday, 21-May-19 01:51:45 UTC from web