1. Well, there goes the last of my hope.

    Apparently Star Wars Episode 9 was being filmed and edited at the same time. ( ) It is already a miracle if a one-off movie is being made well by editing and filming at the same time, but for something that will be put under a magnifying lens by millions upon millions of Star Wars fans ?

    Might as well brace for the insanity that will come from it. Idunno, Maybe blaming GamerGate as a reason why many people dislike a movie ( oh yes, that did happen previously, go read if you want to lose your faith in humanity )

    But hey, who knows, maybe I am wrong. Time will tell. But I will reserve FULL rights to rant about it some more when time comes to pass.

    about a year ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony i don't see the problem, if part of a movie is ready to be edited, why not?

      about a year ago from web
      1. @mrmattimation Popular rule of thumb is, unless if I am mistaken and also forego all those people I know without thumbs, that the more of a rush-job something is the less likely it is that there is going to be a quality product.

        TFA for once had a full year for edits and ( , , ) . IIRC the editors even got an Oscar for it. Not that that the Oscar's are much of a measuring stick these days but there you go.

        I was hoping that they at least put the same people on it and gave them the "Hey, you remember what you did last time, do it again on a new movie, only quicker"

        I am saying in that light, it looks really bad.

        about a year ago from web
        1. @drinkingpony “simultaneous work” does not equate to “rush job”. If you have seven people work on seven different tasks concurrently, it can all be done in the time it takes to do one thing alone.

          about a year ago from web
          1. @mrmattimation If something that is usually done subsequent is done simultaneously in order to meet a significantly more tight release schedule then...

            Well what would you call it if you were specifically told not to call it a 'rush job' ?

            You might want to look into how other modern movies are made, Especially Star Wars by Disney and MCU ( Also by Disney ). Though I guess there is tons to learn regarding failures by other studio's as well. For instance take ( 6:38 - 7:00 , would you look at that smug face, yowzers )

            Now does it "have to" be bad that they are doing to SW:e9 ? Ofcourse not. However if I rub my crystal ball while throwing my geomancy rocks and somehow simultaneously manage to shake my magic 8 ball, wiggle my divination rod, flip some tarot cards, twiddle some fortune sticks AND use one of those human girly teenager fortune teller thingies. They would either tell me "Outlook not so good" or "You are about to have an accident"

            about a year ago from web
            1. @drinkingpony i would call it efficiency. seems to me you're looking for reasons to not like a movie that isn't out yet before it comes out

              about a year ago from web
              1. @mrmattimation And it seems to me that you are denying just how likely it is for history to repeat itself. I would be a lot more happy with it when historically actions which I describe as 'Rush Job' were more likely to give good products.

                We'll see when the thing comes out. Then again we got here merely with me saying that "I lost hope" which was and still is a hyperbolic statement.

                about a year ago from web