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  1. @mrmattimation If something that is usually done subsequent is done simultaneously in order to meet a significantly more tight release schedule then...

    Well what would you call it if you were specifically told not to call it a 'rush job' ?

    You might want to look into how other modern movies are made, Especially Star Wars by Disney and MCU ( Also by Disney ). Though I guess there is tons to learn regarding failures by other studio's as well. For instance take ( 6:38 - 7:00 , would you look at that smug face, yowzers )

    Now does it "have to" be bad that they are doing to SW:e9 ? Ofcourse not. However if I rub my crystal ball while throwing my geomancy rocks and somehow simultaneously manage to shake my magic 8 ball, wiggle my divination rod, flip some tarot cards, twiddle some fortune sticks AND use one of those human girly teenager fortune teller thingies. They would either tell me "Outlook not so good" or "You are about to have an accident"

    about a month ago from web in context

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