1. How to explain a basic biology principle to a millennial : [ image ]

    It actually worked... **actual facepalm**

    "So is Apple going to have 4 camera's in 2 stages ?"

    **internal screaming**

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    1. @drinkingpony Well how else can they shoot in 3D?

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      1. @scribus But you do not get 3D with 2 camera's ?

        Or 4 for that matter, or whatever other number you throw at it. As long as they are side by side on the same flat surface, it will never capture 3D.

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        1. @drinkingpony What? That's exactly how it works. Two cameras, two slightly different images, one fed to each eye - depth perception! . . . Right?

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          1. @scribus Nonono. Our brain just gets 2 images, both 2d, together with the information of how much the iris has to focus, that gives our brain the illusion that something is far away or near ( because you combine it with knowledge of how things usually are. Which can really work to your detriment in things like or )

            Optical tricks were actually used in Lord of the Rings quite a bit so they wouldn't have to make use of vertically challenged people much.

            But... That is not 3D ! That is just using 2D information filtered through both memories and something you could phraise as 'biological trigonometry'

            3D vision would actually be something like looking around a tree, while not moving your head.

            So some would call what we have to be 2,5 D ( since we can sense distance with 2D input ). However then video games raise their head and go "EXCUSE ME !!! I am 2,5 D !!!" and muddy the whole issue.

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            1. @drinkingpony Also I think I can always re-muddy the issue back to its original topic using... Well... Porn actually.

              How do you know your favorite 3D goggle porn feauting that woman you really like does not either have proportionate dwarfism and really small boobs or proportionate gigantism and really big boobs ?

              Yeah, you need 3D boobs for that... I meant vision...

              about 9 months ago from web
            2. @drinkingpony What!? It's how the 3D camera on my 3DS works. It's how 3D movies, comic books, and even ye olde stereopticon worked. You have, count'em - Height. Width. Depth. One, Two, Three. The "optical tricks" in LOTR aren't 3D, they're Forced Perspective. 3D - Three Dimensions. Height, Width, and (ThE iLlUsIoN oF) Depth.

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              1. @scribus Sorry, I didn't mean that to seem so aggressive; more just flustered and confused. I really need to stop interneting before breakfast....

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              2. @scribus You said it, stereopticon... stereoptics... it certainly is how 3D works. Everything you said is correct.

                But you still do not see in 3D. You see in stereoptics, or whatever fancy name you want to give it.

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                1. @drinkingpony OK... When you pay extra to see Avatar or TRON Legacy with the fancy glasses in a theater, what is it called?

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                  1. @scribus stereoscopy ? Whatever it is called, there is still a movie being projected onto a screen, the screen is flat. But when you look at that with them "3D glasses" the illusion of 3D was made.

                    So at that point it becomes more marketing friendly to say "3D movie" than to say "stereooptic movie that allows for the illusion that things are not just projected onto a screen but seemingly come out of it"

                    I mean. Did you think that that one Shrek ride at universal studio would have been nearly as famous if it advertised with "stereoptic movie that feels like things are crawling out of the screen but we are also going to splash some water in your face so people think they are really there" instead of 4D ?

                    Marketing terms man, they are the bane of my existance. 4K for instance, or UHD. What is that ? Is it 4096 x 2160 ? or 3996 X 2160 ? or 4096 x 1716 ? Or hell, is it what apple said it was and is it 4096 x 2304 ? Or just WQUXGA wrapped in a marketing term ?

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