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  1. @scribus Nonono. Our brain just gets 2 images, both 2d, together with the information of how much the iris has to focus, that gives our brain the illusion that something is far away or near ( because you combine it with knowledge of how things usually are. Which can really work to your detriment in things like or )

    Optical tricks were actually used in Lord of the Rings quite a bit so they wouldn't have to make use of vertically challenged people much.

    But... That is not 3D ! That is just using 2D information filtered through both memories and something you could phraise as 'biological trigonometry'

    3D vision would actually be something like looking around a tree, while not moving your head.

    So some would call what we have to be 2,5 D ( since we can sense distance with 2D input ). However then video games raise their head and go "EXCUSE ME !!! I am 2,5 D !!!" and muddy the whole issue.

    about a month ago from web in context

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