1. Split of the moment thought : How long did it take Twitter to become profitable or even sustainable anyway ?

    dig dig dig

    Almost 12 years ! First profitable Q was Q4 of 2018. And here I was having the shadow-thought that everyone would lose their account if the thing goes under anyway.

    about 8 months ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony Huh, I didn't realize it had ever turned a profit. Hell, I still can't understand why the world, or at least the English speaking part, decided to make it the official unofficial New Roman Forum.

      about 8 months ago from web
      1. @scribus Isn't modern comminucation way too decentralized and chaotic to ever be considdered a Forum Romanum in any form ?

        Reddit vs 4chan.
        Twitter vs Gab.
        YouTube vs kiwiute.

        I could probably go on but I just think I realized something as I put those 6 names down. One side seems really authoritarian compared to the other which is more rebellious and screams 'free speech'. Hmm. If only there was a chapter about that in "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" series of books. Oh wait, there is.

        History is scary.

        about 8 months ago from web
        1. @drinkingpony Oh wow I just realized there was a female dog hiding in the chute for bits.

          about 8 months ago from web
        2. @drinkingpony That's actually kind of my point. For as many, and as diverse, options as there are, Twitter seems to have an outsized importance in the world's affairs.

          about 8 months ago from web
          1. @scribus I have to imagine it’s because, unlike Reddit and 4chan and in some ways unlike tumblr and Facebook, Twitter is a single ecosystem. There are no groups, there’s no structural division, they don’t have a separate directory for anything... it’s like writing o a very, very, very big wall, and everyone else in the world is writing on the same wall.

            about 8 months ago from web
          2. @scribus I think I kinda see what you mean, but in the same breath it was not Twitter that got scrutinized after a certain madman besmirched one of my favourite Initial D songs somewhere over in New Zealand. Those were 8Chan, Kiwifarms, Facebook, Discord and 9gag.

            Actually Discord is having a really double reason there.

            Not to mention that there are enough people around that hate the Twitter Verified Blue Checkmark ( ) seeing it as a "blue pill" or "Loony Lefty approved club"

            It is actually that specific part where I think you are wrong when you say "Twitter is a single ecosystem. There are no groups," ( @mrmattimation @notice/5464941) . But you are right in that it's like a cocktail party with everyone, there is no structural division. Just a battle over who has the most trending hashtag. Unless if you want to count popularism and realize that if you are a nobody with the greatest thing to say, you will still be ignored.

            about 8 months ago from web