1. Split of the moment thought : How long did it take Twitter to become profitable or even sustainable anyway ?

    dig dig dig

    Almost 12 years ! First profitable Q was Q4 of 2018. And here I was having the shadow-thought that everyone would lose their account if the thing goes under anyway.

    about 14 days ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony Huh, I didn't realize it had ever turned a profit. Hell, I still can't understand why the world, or at least the English speaking part, decided to make it the official unofficial New Roman Forum.

      about 14 days ago from web
      1. @scribus Isn't modern comminucation way too decentralized and chaotic to ever be considdered a Forum Romanum in any form ?

        Reddit vs 4chan.
        Twitter vs Gab.
        YouTube vs kiwiute.

        I could probably go on but I just think I realized something as I put those 6 names down. One side seems really authoritarian compared to the other which is more rebellious and screams 'free speech'. Hmm. If only there was a chapter about that in "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" series of books. Oh wait, there is.

        History is scary.

        about 14 days ago from web
        1. @drinkingpony Oh wow I just realized there was a female dog hiding in the chute for bits.

          about 14 days ago from web
        2. @drinkingpony That's actually kind of my point. For as many, and as diverse, options as there are, Twitter seems to have an outsized importance in the world's affairs.

          about 14 days ago from web
          1. @scribus I have to imagine it’s because, unlike Reddit and 4chan and in some ways unlike tumblr and Facebook, Twitter is a single ecosystem. There are no groups, there’s no structural division, they don’t have a separate directory for anything... it’s like writing o a very, very, very big wall, and everyone else in the world is writing on the same wall.

            about 14 days ago from web
          2. @scribus I think I kinda see what you mean, but in the same breath it was not Twitter that got scrutinized after a certain madman besmirched one of my favourite Initial D songs somewhere over in New Zealand. Those were 8Chan, Kiwifarms, Facebook, Discord and 9gag.

            Actually Discord is having a really double reason there.

            Not to mention that there are enough people around that hate the Twitter Verified Blue Checkmark ( ) seeing it as a "blue pill" or "Loony Lefty approved club"

            It is actually that specific part where I think you are wrong when you say "Twitter is a single ecosystem. There are no groups," ( @mrmattimation @notice/5464941) . But you are right in that it's like a cocktail party with everyone, there is no structural division. Just a battle over who has the most trending hashtag. Unless if you want to count popularism and realize that if you are a nobody with the greatest thing to say, you will still be ignored.

            about 13 days ago from web