1. I wish they had Adventure Time on netflix :/

    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:29:30 UTC from web
    1. @princeshootingstar you are not the only one wishing that

      Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:29:56 UTC from web
      1. @tohelo I know it sucks

        Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:30:43 UTC from web
        1. @princeshootingstar yeah... and the finnish netfilx does not have mlp...

          Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:31:37 UTC from web
          1. @tohelo D: D: WHAAAAAA!!!

            Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:32:31 UTC from web
            1. @princeshootingstar yeah..... :/

              Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:32:50 UTC from web
              1. @tohelo That sucks

                Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:33:46 UTC from web
                1. @princeshootingstar eeeyup...

                  Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:34:08 UTC from web
                  1. @tohelo

                    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:34:59 UTC from web
                2. @princeshootingstar Says someone who lives in the US. I wouldn't even dare enter your country.

                  Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:34:26 UTC from web
                  1. @kamikaze ?

                    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:35:19 UTC from web
                  2. @kamikaze Where do you live?

                    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:35:23 UTC from web
                  3. @kamikaze No need to be jealous. lol.

                    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:35:38 UTC from web
                    1. @pony @hakupony Kinda like this pic I took I have a scootaloo pic somewhere

                      Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:37:59 UTC from web
                      1. @princeshootingstar @hakupony @kamikaze Yeah OK. Since last Saturday's episode Scootaloo's cuteness basically rivals Sweetie's it's almost a tie imo, but Sweetie's expression of greater sensitivity puts her just above Scootaloo in adorableness for me. I'd say they're pretty even... Scootaloo's little-sisterly admiration of Rainbow Dash matches Sweetie's love of Rarity. Scootaloo's flightlessness matches Sweetie's voice cracks.. Tough call, but I choose Sweetie as cuteness overlord, if for no other reason than I'm loyal to her.

                        Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:47:15 UTC from web
                        1. @pony Scoots is my Cuteness overload...

                          Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:49:38 UTC from web
                          1. @unhipdruid I don't blame you at all. :3

                            Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:57:29 UTC from web
                            1. @pony *cuteness hugz*

                              Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:58:09 UTC from web
                              1. @unhipdruid !huggles

                                Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:01:53 UTC from web
                                1. @pony oh my god they adorable

                                  Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:03:26 UTC from web
                                  1. @unhipdruid I think this calls for a Sweetaloo/Scootabelle image hunt. Off to I go.

                                    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:06:09 UTC from web
                                    1. @pony he ok

                                      Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:09:22 UTC from web
                          2. @unhipdruid @pony The sweetness overlord title still goes to Apple Bloom.

                            Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:24:56 UTC from web
                            1. @kamikaze her voice is adorable. they are all awesomely adorable.

                              Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:27:40 UTC from web
                              1. @unhipdruid Not equeally so. :P

                                Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:36:47 UTC from web
                                1. @kamikaze s/equeally/equally/

                                  Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:37:08 UTC from web
                                2. @kamikaze ERHMEHGERD!!!!!!!!

                                  Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:38:29 UTC from web
                                  1. @unhipdruid It's so sweet, that simply looking at it erodes your teeth. :D

                                    Saturday, 15-Dec-12 11:42:30 UTC from web
                        2. @pony and I should be loyal to Scootaloo who conquered my heart by the way she deals with her inability to fly. Also, they way she adores RD and wants to be tough to be more like her and impress her and fails in doing so. It just makes her "human" that she has those ambitions and the strong will to follow then and can't completely live up t it while she didn't have to live up to those standarts. Also, I really like how she integrates her "girliness" into that. Also: look at her daorable face <3

                          Saturday, 15-Dec-12 12:07:41 UTC from web
                          1. @hakupony I do love her tough + "girly" combination. That's one of the things I love most about her. I find it really refreshing! She is so adorable! And Scoots is sensitive really too, insecure about some things, as we saw recently. That's a big boost to her cuteness for me. ^^

                            Saturday, 15-Dec-12 12:23:55 UTC from web
    2. @princeshootingstar Watchseries links to a few streams - if you don't mind the annoying ads. But at least you can watch series even if they don't air in your country :)

      Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:31:14 UTC from web
      1. @hakupony I live in Tennessee

        Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:31:49 UTC from web
        1. @princeshootingstar And I in Germany.

          Saturday, 15-Dec-12 10:33:41 UTC from web