1. "It's also a great place to live, despite not having its own tube station." Well that's true of a lot of places, property lady!!

    Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:14:59 UTC from web
    1. @thelastgherkin I feel like that could be applied to almost anything. This is a delicious bottle of lucozade, despite not having its own tube station

      Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:15:31 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @ceruleanspark This is a pleasurable silicone Potato Knishes, despite not having its own tube station.

        Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:17:24 UTC from web
      2. @ceruleanspark Tube Station is Oadby slang for mouth.

        Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:25:01 UTC from web
    2. @thelastgherkin Is it Drumchapel?

      Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:19:21 UTC from web
      1. @rotation I stopped paying attention when it turned out she was trying to sell an actual garage w/ no house.

        Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:20:50 UTC from web
        1. @thelastgherkin Presumably at the 'low' price of £70,000.

          Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:23:22 UTC from web
          1. @rotation £40,000 including planning permission to build an actual 8-foot-wide house there.

            Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:24:23 UTC from web
            1. @thelastgherkin Woah... that means you can walk like... 8 distances of yourself! Get on it, man!

              Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:25:53 UTC from web
            2. @thelastgherkin I could live in a garage. I've actually already made that offer to my family. Convert the garage and I'll live there. It could be like one of those tiny japanese appartments.

              Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:27:13 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              1. @ceruleanspark Guessing that fell through because of like the three cars you have in total.

                Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:29:12 UTC from web
                1. @thelastgherkin No it fell through because of other logistical issues like "No plumbing" and "I can't afford it alone and my parents won't pay"

                  Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:30:42 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  1. @ceruleanspark You can live in my garage. It has a washing machine AND a freezer!

                    Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:31:49 UTC from web
            3. @thelastgherkin you mean a 'luxury maisonette'.

              Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:27:58 UTC from web
        2. @thelastgherkin 'Actual Garage With No House'. I use to have that mixtape.

          Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:24:13 UTC from web
          1. @pawnheart "Eugene took a huge risk and bought the garage without viewing the property first, and IRONICALLY found out that because it's a garage property he'll have nowhere to park his cars! So he can't live here because of his work vehicles."

            Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:25:28 UTC from web
            1. @thelastgherkin That was by Underworld, wasn't it?

              Thursday, 22-Aug-13 09:27:00 UTC from web