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  1. swinging my dick around on !stream

    Wednesday, 04-Oct-17 03:41:38 UTC from web
    • hey everyone i'm !streaming don't @ me (i especially want alt righters to join my stream i dont have any fellow alt right friends)

      Tuesday, 03-Oct-17 03:22:02 UTC from web
      • !streaming some animation

        Monday, 02-Oct-17 04:01:53 UTC from web
        • hey everyone i'm !streaming come here to listen to me be a depressing sack of scheisse

          Thursday, 28-Sep-17 03:15:38 UTC from web
          • !streaming and talking about why YOU should probably consider killing yourself in the near future

            Monday, 25-Sep-17 03:18:06 UTC from web
            • !streaming and talking about my favorite president and how he will bring JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! #

              Sunday, 24-Sep-17 03:24:33 UTC from web
            • hey y'all i'm !streaming hee hee #

              Wednesday, 20-Sep-17 01:23:26 UTC from web
              • I'm !streaming with PikaPetey. We're both streaming so you if you wanna see a competent animator go to his page /

                Tuesday, 19-Sep-17 01:05:37 UTC from web
              • !streaming animation

                Monday, 11-Sep-17 03:41:51 UTC from web
                • Anyway, I'm !streaming

                  Friday, 01-Sep-17 03:56:09 UTC from web
                  • Will be !streaming Sonic Mania at around 8:30 tonight. Been excited to play this one!

                    Tuesday, 29-Aug-17 18:34:58 UTC from web
                    • !streaming animation

                      Friday, 25-Aug-17 21:02:00 UTC from web
                      • !Streaming for a couple of hours. Come say hi!

                        Friday, 04-Aug-17 12:33:20 UTC from web
                        • !streaming Destiny, the final Iron Banner.

                          Thursday, 03-Aug-17 18:31:59 UTC from web
                          • !streaming

                            Thursday, 03-Aug-17 03:18:28 UTC from web
                            • !art

                              Sunday, 30-Jul-17 20:20:11 UTC from web
                              • My pal Petey is gonna be hosting a charity !stream on Ricepirate's Twitch channel this Sunday! It's to help a really talented animator who unfortunately is facing some really serious health issues. Check this link for details!

                                Saturday, 29-Jul-17 04:05:26 UTC from web
                                • who is this strange creature !art

                                  Saturday, 22-Jul-17 06:13:12 UTC from web
                                • !Streaming bad overwatch play if anyone on earth cares

                                  Thursday, 20-Jul-17 18:43:39 UTC from web

                                    Wednesday, 19-Jul-17 03:30:50 UTC from web
                                    • !art decided to try something different during this stream. it didn't turn out too good but eh

                                      Friday, 14-Jul-17 07:20:06 UTC from web
                                      • !streaming some Overwatch at

                                        Tuesday, 11-Jul-17 17:43:20 UTC from web
                                        • !art I tried drawing on 3DS colors. the left mountain looks good, but i cant seem to make the right one

                                          Tuesday, 11-Jul-17 01:50:06 UTC from web
                                        • !streaming Shadow of Mordor. I have no idea how to play this game

                                          Sunday, 09-Jul-17 16:41:08 UTC from web
                                          • finished !art

                                            Tuesday, 04-Jul-17 07:46:51 UTC from web
                                            • !art my fave L.A. Noire character

                                              Sunday, 02-Jul-17 03:08:20 UTC from web
                                              • Strawman !streaming

                                                Wednesday, 28-Jun-17 19:20:02 UTC from web
                                                • !streaming animation

                                                  Thursday, 22-Jun-17 01:05:35 UTC from web
                                                  • !Streaming some GTA V

                                                    Wednesday, 21-Jun-17 01:44:57 UTC from web
                                                    • my pal petey is !streaming and I'm there, go watch

                                                      Saturday, 17-Jun-17 19:04:12 UTC from web