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  1. You guys heard of horses

    about 2 months ago from web
  2. !art

    about 3 months ago from web
  3. I've been animating for about five hours nonstop,,, !streaming

    about 8 months ago from web
    • !streaming

      about 9 months ago from web
      • New on the Mattimation Store, get the first-ever shirt in the "Dion Quotes Collection": Fingers Are The Chopsticks of Man! !art

        about a year ago from web
        • !streaming a new t-shirt design

          about a year ago from web
          • !art drawing a thingy i thought would be cute

            about a year ago from web
          • Why you little... !art

            about a year ago from web
          • does my pen only draw better pictures for those who are dear to me? find out in tonight's live !stream

            about a year ago from web
            • I'm drawing a cute spider thingy !art

              about a year ago from web
            • hey guys i'm !streaming, i don't hate myself quite as much today so i'll try not to be a huge bummer

              Sunday, 31-Dec-17 02:30:59 UTC from web
              • this is literally the first time i've ever drawn any attack on titan character, and in fact i don't even know who this character is or what their tragic backstory is that makes them emo !art

                Sunday, 24-Dec-17 22:31:26 UTC from web
                • !art thumbnail for the thicc gaming video going up today

                  Tuesday, 19-Dec-17 20:53:24 UTC from web
                  • !streaming cuck stuff

                    Monday, 18-Dec-17 02:52:49 UTC from web
                    • !streaming some art & animation at!! come join, it's an alt-right safe space!

                      Thursday, 14-Dec-17 03:37:53 UTC from web
                      • Patreon request for @scribus - sorry it's so late !art

                        Thursday, 30-Nov-17 05:34:39 UTC from web
                      • !streaming some animation at

                        Monday, 13-Nov-17 03:18:00 UTC from web
                        • !art thumbnail for the first set of videos on the new channel i'm starting with chris

                          Friday, 27-Oct-17 05:00:50 UTC from web
                          • !streaming some animashun

                            Monday, 23-Oct-17 18:55:12 UTC from web
                          • !streaming in a few minutes

                            Monday, 23-Oct-17 03:12:22 UTC from web
                            • !art i drew a Sucy :3

                              Friday, 13-Oct-17 15:01:15 UTC from web
                              • contracting aids live on !stream\

                                Wednesday, 11-Oct-17 23:25:42 UTC from web
                                • I have said the word "kiwi" 47 times in the ten minutes I've been !streaming, come watch me hit 200

                                  Monday, 09-Oct-17 18:28:27 UTC from web
                                • !streaming animation on the ask jeeves gritty reboot

                                  Sunday, 08-Oct-17 15:37:23 UTC from web
                                  • I'm !streaming here right now, g-got DAMN

                                    Saturday, 07-Oct-17 17:03:53 UTC from web
                                    • measuring my papaya on !stream

                                      Wednesday, 04-Oct-17 23:05:10 UTC from web
                                      • swinging my dick around on !stream

                                        Wednesday, 04-Oct-17 03:41:38 UTC from web
                                        • hey everyone i'm !streaming don't @ me (i especially want alt righters to join my stream i dont have any fellow alt right friends)

                                          Tuesday, 03-Oct-17 03:22:02 UTC from web
                                          • !streaming some animation

                                            Monday, 02-Oct-17 04:01:53 UTC from web
                                            • hey everyone i'm !streaming come here to listen to me be a depressing sack of scheisse

                                              Thursday, 28-Sep-17 03:15:38 UTC from web