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  • twilight sparkle twilightrox twilight sparkle america

    my real name is awesomeness, not really. but i am pretty (who am i kidding!) very!!! awesome!!! everypony thinks so my name is classified but in my brony group at school i am Twilight Sparkle. I dont live directly in fillydelphia.

  • Jackson Kueffer epicrainbowdashfan Jackson Kueffer Raymore, Missouri

    Brony since November 2012. Play mtg and ygo. Favorite movie series is Saw, 17 on March 28th, RD is and always be best pony Ways of finding me Skype: jacksonkueffer Duelingnetwork: 900jackman Gameloft: same as duelingnetwork YouTube: 900jackman or MrYugiohduel (whichever is fine, they're both under my possession) PlayStation Network: epicrainbowdash1 Email: jkueffer2@gmail.com That's about it, hope to enjoy my stay and make new friends