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Scuba Ponies

Scuba Ponies

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That place with the water

Those of us who love to scuba dive so much that our fingers prune from thinking about diving all day.

Scuba Ponies (scubaponies) group


  1. From now on posting irrelevant messages to promoted tags/groups just to get a notice there is an instant warning. Second time is a ban. I don't want this thing being abused.

    Thursday, 11-Apr-13 01:31:00 UTC from web
  2. !scubaponies We need more people in this group. >.<

    Thursday, 28-Feb-13 19:13:41 UTC from web
  3. I should be programming but I hate that crap

    Thursday, 17-Jan-13 18:32:47 UTC from web
  4. I have a new work laptop, and I am currently initialising a new server. 8 2.4ghz cores, 32gb of RAM, and a 1.5TB raid. Delicious

    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:11:43 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  5. !scubaponies I had to make the group

    Tuesday, 08-Jan-13 05:33:21 UTC from web