1. I have a new work laptop, and I am currently initialising a new server. 8 2.4ghz cores, 32gb of RAM, and a 1.5TB raid. Delicious

    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:11:43 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    1. @ceruleanspark All that for a work laptop? Neat.

      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:15:08 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos Nah, that's in the server. The laptop is just a middle of the road dell, but unlike my previous laptop, this one actually works properly. Also: Biometric auth.

        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:15:47 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @ceruleanspark That explains why it sounded like overkill. Why do you need biometric auth?

          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:17:18 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos Because biometric auth is neat

            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:45:13 UTC from web
        2. @ceruleanspark ...sounds like alot of work

          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:18:17 UTC from web
    2. @ceruleanspark What kind of raid and what kind of file system? That looks like a typical ZFS setup, if it wasn't for the small storage space.

      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:15:16 UTC from web
      1. @kamikaze >Small >1.5TB

        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:15:40 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos @kamikaze Scratch that, fot a server it is small.

          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:16:32 UTC from web
      2. @kamikaze RAID5, and "Whatever ESXi uses because it doesn't actually expose the filesystem to the user". It's going to host 3 smallish virtual machines. It actually represents a massive increase in capacity for this company.

        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:18:14 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @ceruleanspark Judging from these specs I'd say it's definitely not a storage solution. But it doesn't qualify as a number cruncher either. I suppose you're not allowed to tell us what it's supposed to do?

          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:22:33 UTC from web
          1. @kamikaze It's a VMware host for a trio of windows infrastructure servers (Active directory, exchange and remote desktop services).

            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:13:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            1. @ceruleanspark Ah, I see now. I'm going to curl into a shivering ball of terror for a while.

              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:20:03 UTC from web
              1. @kamikaze then ill call you rainbowdash then hold up a pic of rarity with wings

                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:20:51 UTC from web
              2. @kamikaze I've done this before, and the number of fatalities fell within acceptable parameters.

                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:21:44 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      3. @kamikaze 7 300GB 10K SAS drives, 6 in the RAID and one hot spare.

        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:18:54 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @ceruleanspark But, 7x300 is 2100

          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:21:19 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos Raid5. Redundancy for safety.

            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:23:05 UTC from web
            1. @kamikaze Oh, true.

              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:23:23 UTC from web
        2. @ceruleanspark Sass drives? I have some of those. They're what generate all my sass.

          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:51:36 UTC from web
          1. @thelastgherkin sassy computers are so annoying at times

            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:53:43 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            1. @renovatedkitchen Did you get a new phone? I could have sworn you were on Android before...

              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:54:22 UTC from web
              1. @xeleanorxrigbyx yuppers. Had a galaxy note. It died, so I'm back on my iPhone

                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:54:55 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              2. @xeleanorxrigbyx also, !scuba

                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:55:13 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                1. @renovatedkitchen Hooray! And nooooooo, devil Apple products...

                  Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:56:23 UTC from web
                  1. @xeleanorxrigbyx I dunno. I like apple because of how clean and minimalist their things are. I would never (afford) or buy something new from them.

                    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:59:02 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    1. @renovatedkitchen I do have one Apple product, I will admit it. Best device I ever had: iPod Classic. 160GB alllllll for me.

                      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:00:56 UTC from web
                      1. @xeleanorxrigbyx I have a 30gb iPod video that no matter what I do to it, refuses to die

                        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:02:51 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        1. @renovatedkitchen iPods do seem to be a hardy bunch. Can't vouch for an iPhone, but I like my scrollwheel.

                          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:05:44 UTC from web
                          1. @xeleanorxrigbyx the scroll wheel is a great design

                            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:07:24 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                  2. @xeleanorxrigbyx and trying to keep track of all of us that go scuba diving

                    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:59:34 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    1. @renovatedkitchen We will grow in strength! Oh! I may have a slim chance of moving back to Florida. I can then commence diving again! :D

                      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:00:23 UTC from web
                      1. @xeleanorxrigbyx we shall. And that's awesome!! Best of luck! You have all my wishes. Rico is okay with moving?

                        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:02:14 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        1. @renovatedkitchen Well, I'd be moving back in with my parents when he goes to Army basic. The Air Force will be moving them soon and supposedly Florida is the first choice. So I will at least live there for a bit. :)

                          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:05:08 UTC from web
                          1. @xeleanorxrigbyx well that is pretty awesome! Which part is Rico going into?

                            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:06:34 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                            1. @renovatedkitchen He wants to do Army Special Forces. For now, his time is mostly at the gym.

                              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:08:25 UTC from web
                              1. @xeleanorxrigbyx that's got to be pretty exciting!

                                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:18:47 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                1. @renovatedkitchen Oh yes. Hoping it all pans out. There is a chance they could get shipped to BFE but Florida is looking good thus far.

                                  Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:19:48 UTC from web
            2. @renovatedkitchen Hey kid. I'mma computer. Stop all the downloadin'.

              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 16:57:18 UTC from web
              1. @thelastgherkin all those punk kids these days. Calling me slow?! I'll show them slow. Darn kids

                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:01:07 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                1. @renovatedkitchen You're too slow!

                  Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:02:03 UTC from web
                  1. @anarchycarcino ohmygosh. That /kid/ just totally hit me. Like what is this. Boi you ain't gonna get nothing from me. *BSOD* poor Cerulean and his sassy computer.

                    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:05:05 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    1. @renovatedkitchen One day, I wish to be sassy.

                      Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:05:54 UTC from web
                      1. @anarchycarcino no one will ever be as sassy as Ceruleans computer. I think it was like 8 of his hard drives are sassy

                        Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:08:11 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        1. @renovatedkitchen I only have two!

                          Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:08:37 UTC from web
                          1. @anarchycarcino are they sassy?

                            Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:18:59 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                            1. @renovatedkitchen i like your new avatar

                              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:19:21 UTC from web
                              1. @fluttershy48 I kinda like it

                                Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:19:53 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                                1. @renovatedkitchen I LOVE IT

                                  Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:20:10 UTC from web
                            2. @renovatedkitchen Not to my knowledge.

                              Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:19:43 UTC from web
                2. @renovatedkitchen Gotta slow fast.

                  Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:04:53 UTC from web
                  1. @thelastgherkin it's so slow that its fast

                    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 17:05:28 UTC from StatusNet iPhone