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Comic Book Ponies

Comic Book Ponies

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This is a group for ponies and bronies that enjoy comics and comic book related material like movies, games or shows. So join if you like Batman :D

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  • PowerSurge5818 powersurge PowerSurge5818 North Carolina

    I like Comics, Pony, and Pony Comics. Have been a brony since September 2012.

  • Silver Spark silverspark Silver Spark Pennsylvania, USA

    Thank you all for caring about whatever I have to say. Anyway, I am male (at least i was the last time I checked).

  • Stephen Child stecissunrise Stephen Child Cumbria, UK

    SteC here, multimedia and graphics student, artist of the 'Soarin for Vengeance' T-shirt and generally a nice person. Video games, alt music and sports entertainment take up my time but I'm also an artist lending support to my favourite shows (especially this one!)

  • Jojjo T jojjo Jojjo T Sweden

    Yo! I'm Jojjo~ I like videogames, comics & drawing. Yeah.

  • Micheal McPony thatonestocking Micheal McPony Austin, Texas,

    Teenaged brony, needed to get more brony or whatever. I'm kind of a dick/grammar enthusiast. I'm pretty much what you might describe as a super nerd. You name it, I do it, or have a perfectly good reason why I don't. I'm TheThatOnePony on Youtube, if you want to watch me yell at my webcam. If you want to email me, **** you. Also, it's at: [email protected] My stream, for whatever reason you might watch it you sick ****: If you're still feeling like a retard, my tumblr is****tyart

  • LyokoTravels lyokotravels LyokoTravels San Francisco , California [ SAN FRANCISCOLT ]

    Steam : LyokoTravels TWITTER:!/LyokoTravels Spifire is my Waifu!

  • Commander Pony gingerbread Commander Pony The Moon

    Brony since G1 of MLP, hidden into the shadows until MLP FiM. Just to eccentric and shy to talk a lot about myself. Proud of being a Brony, and to belong into the herd.

  • Rainbow Revolver rainbowrevolver Rainbow Revolver United States

    ♥19/Female/Pegasus♥ Just a silly Iowa brony who loves drawing and talking to others. Also, if anypony wants to play some vidya (probably Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead [2]) you can add me on Steam, my ID is DeadBunneh.

  • Gloosteak gluestick Gloosteak NJ, USA

    I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

  • Jeremy currykatsu Jeremy Arcadia, CA

    Hey There everypony! Nice to meet u! about me: I'm a SoCal brony, Alum of USC (Fight On!) and of the University of Central Florida, where I went for grad school. anime and cartoon fan, and indie game designer (like Dashie says, livin' the dream!). I'm a geek of all trades and enjoy hanging out and having fun. Nice to meet everypony! always in the mood to chat about ponies! currykatsu on AIM and steam currykatsu86 on gchat

  • Pencil Sketch pencilsketch Pencil Sketch Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    The artsy pony. traditional and digital artist, fiction writer, animator, director, jack-of-all-trades cutie mark: Pencil with drawn line

  • June Carmody juneiperjazz June Carmody
  • Synx Pet mypetsynx Synx Pet Arkansas

    I'm an electronic musician who uses his music to become another species

  • Jaxon r4r1ty Jaxon Oregon

    I like Friendship is Magic and so do all my bronies.

  • muffin muffin muffin Ponyville, Equestria

    Male. 18 y.o. I love ponies. Been obsessed with them since January. I love everypony. That is all.

  • Thomas redstreak Thomas earth, USA

    im an aspiring comic book writer, i got into the show around season 1, and i have happily been a brony eversince.

  • Eat me, I ain't telling you. quetzalcoatl Eat me, I ain't telling you. Gallopfrey

    I like the little ponies. And booze. Booze and ponies.

  • Patricia Weber pinkiederp Patricia Weber Beloit, WI

    I attend Beloit College. I live in Gurnee, IL for the summer. My major is Human Sexuality, Track 3 Education and a Music minor. I plan on being a sex educator. The music minor is a hobby minor. I play the oboe and know a little guitar and piano. I call myself a brony, despite me being the female sex. I tend to be on !skype more but feel free to send me a notice on RDN and I will reply.

  • A McAdams rapidash A McAdams United States

    College kid in Illinois. Huge fan of Eurobeat Brony. Rainbow Dash and Applejack fangirl. Pokemon nut. Talk to me if you want ringtones made.

  • Puzzlemint puzzlemint Puzzlemint Canada
  • madington flavors madflavors madington flavors Somewhere over the rainbow


  • Alex S. alexbrony Alex S. Blacksburg, Virginia

    A music producer who just so happens to be in love with ponies.

  • Cloud Kicker critialcloudkicker Cloud Kicker Holland

    A very enthusiastic and scientific mind trapped in a somewhat less fortunate body. Always willing to help anypony out. Currently working on regaining overall body strength. Of course the muscles used to smile have been thoroughly trained already ( The power of the ponies compelled me ).

  • I don't know tiddleywinksjoefartmouth I don't know Admin Florida

    Don't take anything I say seriously.