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Comic Book Ponies

Comic Book Ponies

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This is a group for ponies and bronies that enjoy comics and comic book related material like movies, games or shows. So join if you like Batman :D

Comic Book Ponies (cbp) group


  1. !cbp I like how most old Marvel comics have "Stan Lee presents:" next to their titles even when Stan Lee had absolutely no creative input in the actual comic.

    Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 23:04:29 UTC from web
  2. Dick Grayson's butt gives me terrible body image issues. I wish I had a butt like Nightwing! :( !cbp

    Thursday, 15-Dec-11 05:20:41 UTC from web
  3. @puzzlemint He's gonna have big feathery wings! !cbp

    Friday, 09-Sep-11 00:51:11 UTC from web
    • New Batgirl is okay, but not as awesome as it was for the past 2 years. Still mangoesed at this DC reboot BS. Cass & Steph 4 Life! !cbp

      Friday, 09-Sep-11 00:28:09 UTC from web
    • Equestria Girls is so awesome! I have the full song and I am just so happy! Happy to be a pony! (I'm a girl pony so I don't like being referred to as "brony".)

      Thursday, 02-Jun-11 00:15:26 UTC from web
    • I just bought Batman The Long Halloween and Green Lantern Corps: The Emerald Eclipse :D !cbp

      Wednesday, 01-Jun-11 22:55:05 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • Batman and Robin got owned by the Riddler D:

        Monday, 30-May-11 23:15:14 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • So they turned into giants, then went to earth and stole the entire Army while it was asleep. Frustrated, Axe Cop laid down to take his daily two-minute nap. He dreamed about a T. Rex... That was crying. - Axe Cop !cbp

        Sunday, 29-May-11 22:00:44 UTC from web
      • This is Axe Cop. !cbp

        Sunday, 29-May-11 21:32:13 UTC from web
        • ok im back from doing random bits of stuff. whats new everypony?

          Sunday, 29-May-11 21:15:46 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • If anypony who likes American comics should join !cbp We have Batman...

          Thursday, 26-May-11 19:15:21 UTC from web
        • !CBP I'm in :D

          Thursday, 26-May-11 18:09:31 UTC from web
          • I made a group for all the bronies and ponies who enjoy comics !cbp

            Thursday, 26-May-11 18:07:19 UTC from web