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Runners who just happen to enjoy a little pony on the side.

Equestria Striders (equestriastriders) group


  1. Just shy of 4 miles in about 42 minutes. If not for the blister I started, I may have beat 40 minutes. :D !equestriastriders

    Friday, 02-Dec-11 18:39:15 UTC from web
    • Woo! I'm up to a mile, barefoot. !equestriastriders

      Monday, 27-Jun-11 14:32:54 UTC from web
      • And now, for my Thursday jog. !equestriastriders

        Thursday, 12-May-11 17:24:02 UTC from web
      • Just did 4 miles at the beach. First 2 nonstop. 45 minutes overall. No world records, sure, but a personal best. !equestriastriders

        Saturday, 23-Apr-11 18:47:43 UTC from web
        • Who all is watching Boston today? !equestriastriders

          Monday, 18-Apr-11 15:46:15 UTC from web
          • All right! Time to quit pretending that riding my bike 2 miles to & from work is the same as a 5-mile jog. !equestriastriders

            Saturday, 16-Apr-11 17:20:49 UTC from web
            • !equestriastriders It would be pretty cool to have a brony Running of the Leaves, just saying.

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 04:12:48 UTC from web