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Every big city has one (NYC, Chicago, LA) expect H-Town, which I figured there needs to be a solution for this! is the offical H-TOOOOOOOWN Bronies site

Houston (houstonbronies) group


  1. Is anything happening in Houston between this week and next week? My friend Monica is coming to Houston for Christmas and I would love for her to come with me to a Brony event!!

    Wednesday, 21-Dec-16 03:19:20 UTC from web
    • Is anything going on in Houston this week? After the meetup last week I don't want to just sit at home Saturday.

      Saturday, 17-May-14 00:52:35 UTC from web
    • !houstonbronies Yeah! A group for houston!

      Friday, 05-Jul-13 17:04:30 UTC from web
    • !houstonbronies Hey guys remember we have facebook always active over there

      Monday, 12-Nov-12 22:37:55 UTC from web
      • !houstonbronies looking for brony friends to talk about the show and other things.

        Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:58:18 UTC from web
      • hay i eddiedash im a new brony and im in houston would like to meet some of you !houstonbronies

        Friday, 14-Sep-12 18:30:09 UTC from web
      • !houstonbronies hey guys me again making sure yall know about our website

        Friday, 03-Aug-12 20:53:34 UTC from web
        • !houstonbronies Hey guys we have our very own houston bronie website come join our meetup on june 30th we are having a beach party free food and water to all who rsvp at

          Sunday, 17-Jun-12 06:55:15 UTC from web
          • !Houstonbronies it's a shame that this group isn't getting as many notices. I would really like to know what's going on here in H-town

            Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 06:11:05 UTC from web
            • @alejog1993 Last I heard, there was a meetup at Comic Palooza 2-3 weeks ago - But I found out a few days after the con ended. Most of Houston Brony plans are on various facebook accounts, having no facebook account myself, I dont know which one - more often than not, I can't view the page when I do find plans on FB, as FB won't let me view the page without making me sign up for an account.

              Wednesday, 06-Jun-12 13:15:56 UTC in context
          • !Houstonbronies Austin, Texas is having a Brony Fan Fair September 8-9 2012! - There's their website - you can register early right now for $20. All the information you need is on the site - Planned events so far are costume contest, sing alongs, panels - details TBA, and more to come. Check it out if you plan to go :)

            Sunday, 20-May-12 02:23:03 UTC from web
            • !Houstonbronies There's a meetup this Saturday at Third Planet - Begins at 1:30 - Address: 2718 Southwest Freeway ( US 59), near Lakewood Church - It'll be the 8,000ft blue building by the Crowne Plaza Hotel - for more information you can look up their site - - or contact Urvy1a via facebook: or here.

              Tuesday, 01-May-12 12:32:58 UTC from web
              • !Houstonbronies I picked a spectacular time to plan this thing. It seems Houston is having its beerfest, so the main stage is kaput. I'm still here in the park. If you come ito the park from downtown, facing the convention center, there is a little stage all the way to the right. that's me, chilling. And resenting not being older than 21.

                Saturday, 28-Apr-12 18:17:27 UTC from web
                • !Houstonbronies This Saturday 28th at 12:00 PM, I will lug my guitar amp down to Downtown at Discovery Green, sit on the stage, and practice mixing pony-dance songs, dubstep, and other tomfoolery on my laptop. I will also watch a few eps of FiM and rewatch the season finale. If you like wubs and ponies, come out and chill as I attempt to resemble an actual DJ. There might be food....but no promises. Gotta raid my fridge and see.

                  Thursday, 26-Apr-12 22:38:32 UTC from web
                • !Houstonbronies That was SOME Meetup - Over 100 attended! Houston is a force to be reckoned with now :) I've never been so excited about a season finale for any show before, but that one hell of a ride! This fandom continues to amaze me. Please let me know if there's anything I can help with in regards to a Brony Con here in Houston next year, I'll do what I can to help make it happen! - BTW: If you attended, I was the guy with the tan & white striped collar shirt with the Dr. Whooves Scarf :) I recognized a few bronies from meetups in October in Sugarland & the Main Event Woodlands one from Novemeber. We went from around a dozen to over 100 - Awesome! ^_^

                  Sunday, 22-Apr-12 08:02:54 UTC from web
                  • !Houstonbronies what's up yall i just got into mlp and found this site...would love to meet up for the season finale on saturday! Whats the address of the place?

                    Thursday, 19-Apr-12 20:19:23 UTC from web
                  • !houstonbronies Are there going to be any viewing parties on Saturday or Sunday night? I work Saturdays so it looks like i'm missing the official meet-up.

                    Monday, 16-Apr-12 22:21:04 UTC from web
                    • !houstonbronies we have a big meetup on the 21st of april at sro's bar and grill we will be watching the season finale live at twelve the meetup starts at eleven for more info check the facebook page or email me at or text me at 2812168870

                      Thursday, 05-Apr-12 17:17:25 UTC from web
                    • !Houstonbronies Welcome to all the new members in the group. Sorry this group isn't currently as active as it was, most of that is due to school and work. Some still come in and check quite often, but don't post when there isn't something new. Why not introduce yourselves :) I at least will respond

                      Thursday, 22-Mar-12 02:48:17 UTC from web
                    • !Houstonbronies Hello Scootaleo, welcome to the group. Sorry I read you're message on too short of notice. One thing you may like while, you're here is the Houston Rodeo, it's the last weekend, there's a carnival, tons of bar b que and all kinds of food, the Livestock show is still going on. If that's not your thing, our Blue Bonnets are in bloom right now, growing all over the place, they're tall blue flowers with a white cap. I'm afraid I have other plans this weekend so I won't be attending any planned gathering, if there are any. But I will check here through the weekend, now that I see people starting to post again.

                      Saturday, 17-Mar-12 04:56:59 UTC from web
                    • !houstonbronies Hi, I'm Scootaleo, a Lake Charles, LA based brony. I'm planning a trip to Houston this weekend and would love to meet some of you. Also, what's the best place to find you guys? I just remember this page from a while back.

                      Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 01:18:04 UTC from web
                      • !Houstonbronies just as a small note, There is a meetup at the Galleria this Tuesday, why nopony updates this enough Idk but still, hope to see as many ponies there as possible :D

                        Monday, 12-Mar-12 07:36:35 UTC from web
                      • !Houstonbronies - I will be attending Anime Matsuri in the Woodlands Saturday April 7. The convention website - - The convention is from Friday April 6 - Sunday April 8. If you decide to attend, keep an eye out for badge name "Cypresswolf" Or keep an eye out for a Dr. Whooves scarf. Hope to see ya'll there :)

                        Saturday, 10-Mar-12 14:23:23 UTC from web
                      • !Houstonbronies What's up everypony? I havent seen anyone around here lately, so I wanted to bring this to your attention. There is a Texas Brony Group Forum Equestria Daily posted about in one of their nightly roundups some time ago. Since I & a few others don't have a facebook account to keep track of goings ons, how about posting on Texas Brony Forum?

                        Friday, 10-Feb-12 14:03:32 UTC from web
                        • !Houstonbronies Epic Derpy Avatar! ^_^ There's more where that came from. Making tons of screenshots of the new ep, before Youtube takes them down.

                          Saturday, 21-Jan-12 23:21:42 UTC from web
                          • !houstonbronies *footsteps echo* Hello? Anyone here? *voice echoes* What happened to the group? Has everyone moved to facebook? Anyway, Just checked in here to see if there's another H-Town meetup in the works. Guess not.

                            Tuesday, 10-Jan-12 00:09:57 UTC from web
                          • !houstonbronies yeah think I kinda stole everyone to facebook our next meetup is on monday at the main event starts at 12 and then there s an owlcon meetup for anyone who wants to go we do have some members runing thing over there

                            Sunday, 15-Jan-12 06:33:46 UTC from web
                            • @cypresswolf !houstonbronies I did request to join the facebook group, it's been quite some time since I logged into that profile. >.> I suppose I could lurk on both for the time being, hopefully we'll see a resurgence of activity.

                              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 13:03:11 UTC from web
                              • !houstonbronies bananasa ya'll haven't heard this one yet! White Christmases In Houston - Branded Duo -

                                Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 20:21:33 UTC from web
                                • !houstonbronies I recieved my Gilda Giffon custom in the mail today! ^_^ This one here - - And to celebrate! GILDA FOR EVERYPONY!!!!! ^_^

                                  Friday, 16-Dec-11 04:00:42 UTC from web
                                  • !houstonbronies Time for a new Derpy Avatar. Found a nice screen shot from Feeling Pinkie Keen. Is Derpy's expression clear? Should I edit it to make it a bit bigger?

                                    Thursday, 08-Dec-11 21:26:18 UTC from web