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From Jaggis to Kut-Kus to Elder Dragons, this is the place for all ponies who live for the hunt!

Fans of the Monster Hunter series, welcome!

Monster Hunter (huntingponies) group


  1. MHFU? I'm not the only one still playing that? Aww, Yeah! Although I do need to ask, am I the only one who still thinks it's the best one of the series? (haven't played MH3U yet, but it seems like it might be better when I finally do get it) !huntingponies

    Friday, 24-May-13 04:01:27 UTC from web
    • @tinwhistle !huntingponies I've played the other monster hunter games.

      Tuesday, 17-Jan-12 01:02:47 UTC from web
    • Bah, can't log into the Tri servers lately, whats going on? !huntingponies

      Wednesday, 10-Aug-11 14:28:27 UTC from web
      • !vgp Anyone want to get on Ad-hoc Party and play some Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

        Friday, 22-Jul-11 01:26:13 UTC from web
      • I keep forgetting to keep up with this community! Aw, man! For now I'll blame Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. It just arrived! :D !huntingponies

        Thursday, 21-Jul-11 15:50:12 UTC from web
      • Good afternoon # Who is heading over to bronystate in 2hr30min?

        Saturday, 16-Jul-11 15:33:57 UTC from web
      • !huntingponies Just got Monster Hunter Freedom United. :D

        Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 19:51:18 UTC from web
        • I finally finished grinding that Hermitaur quest for Monster Bone+ so I can make a new hammer :D But something tells me no matter how much I upgrade my equipment, I'll never be ready for Tigrex ;_; !huntingponies

          Saturday, 02-Jul-11 05:40:57 UTC from web
        • !huntingponies So I was collecting a few more Bulldrome tusks so I can upgrade my Bulldrome hammer. My Felyne delivered the last blow, and the monster went down... but the quest didn't end! WTF D:

          Sunday, 03-Jul-11 04:49:50 UTC from web
          • Any Monster Hunter fans here? I just picked MHFU back up!

            Friday, 01-Jul-11 02:09:39 UTC from web
          • Well, with the season over. There is only one thing for me to do. *loads up saddlebags with traps, spears and flashbombs*. Fellow !huntingponies of the guild, onward!

            Friday, 06-May-11 19:52:30 UTC from web