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Ponies who can't sleep properly

Ponies who can't sleep properly

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Not in bed.

There are ponies out there who can't sleep the eight hours needed. So we made a group for them.

Ponies who can't sleep properly (insomniaponies) group


  1. I cannot sleep.

    Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 05:11:52 UTC from web
  2. Such an awesome day filming that day #

    Sunday, 04-Nov-12 09:22:59 UTC from web
  3. !insomniaponies dear god why am I awake.

    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 10:14:22 UTC from web
    • !insomniaponies would be proud of me.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 07:24:21 UTC from web
      • @widget Me. I was imagining RDN's response as I went to bed and stopped polluting the timeline with my idiocy.

        Monday, 23-Jul-12 09:18:05 UTC from web
      • It's 6:57 AM and my body has given up any hope of actually getting some sleep. Darn it.

        Thursday, 19-Jul-12 11:59:09 UTC from web
      • ...Eh. Shoulda known better than to say I'm going to bed, 'cause someone might've believed me. !insomniaponies

        Friday, 13-Jul-12 07:26:46 UTC from web
        • Actually, to say that last thing properly-tagged: you ponies are !whyicantsleep

          Sunday, 08-Jul-12 08:51:31 UTC from web
          • Finally done ! !Spitfire ... Took me over 3 hours to finish.

            Sunday, 08-Jul-12 08:41:01 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Okay, enough !sleepdeprivation for a week. I need to get up really early on Sunday, so I'm not chancing it. ... Even though it's already past midnight

            Tuesday, 03-Jul-12 07:18:47 UTC from web
            • Wow, I just realized it's 5:20 in the morning. THERE GOES ANOTHER NIGHT OF SLEEP !sleepdeprivation

              Monday, 02-Jul-12 12:23:32 UTC from web
            • ... I just looked at the clock and realized it's 20 to 5 in the morning. Uhhhh... Whoops. !sleepdeprivation

              Saturday, 30-Jun-12 11:38:26 UTC from web
              • @sonorouscadenza OMQ HI :O

                Wednesday, 06-Jun-12 05:24:43 UTC from StatusNet Android
              • So if there are groups for straight and bi/gay/etc. ponies, does this mean I can make a group for ponies who have no idea what the hell their sexuality is even doing?

                Monday, 16-Apr-12 19:37:25 UTC from web
              • Wait, what, why does it suddenly get much better written as it gets gory? D: #

                Tuesday, 10-Apr-12 02:37:58 UTC from IdentiCurse
              • Just woke up after staying up until maybe 2:00 in the morning. I don't care I have spring break

                Friday, 06-Apr-12 14:35:16 UTC from web
              • @minti !sleepdeprivation

                Saturday, 31-Mar-12 08:59:35 UTC from web
              • Holy buck Mudkip is popular xD

                Thursday, 01-Mar-12 00:02:52 UTC from web
              • right...later all im going to go scare me self with amnesia....later!!!!

                Sunday, 19-Feb-12 01:52:43 UTC from web
              • @minti thats grrrrreat! im chillin right now. i cant sleep! im goin to a dance tomorrow and im gonna party pinkie style!

                Saturday, 28-Jan-12 04:09:57 UTC from web
              • I really should go to bed so I won't fall asleep during school tomorrow, but I can't bring myself to it. !insomniaponies

                Thursday, 26-Jan-12 04:52:48 UTC from web
              • 12:17AM PST / GMT -8. Well ,I'm off to bed now since school starts in 7 hours. Goodnight #! !Insomniaponies

                Thursday, 12-Jan-12 08:25:46 UTC from web
              • 1:30AM PST / GMT -8 Ugh , school starts in 6 hours , Goodnight # !Insomniaponies

                Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 09:39:47 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                • Holy Guacamole it's 1:44AM PST / GMT -8 and school starts in less then 6 hours D: , Goodnight # !Insomniaponies

                  Tuesday, 10-Jan-12 09:52:59 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                  • On Luna , It's now 1:37AM PST / GMT -8 and school starts in less then 6 hours from now , Goodnight # ! !Insomniaponies

                    Monday, 09-Jan-12 09:45:36 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    • Oh crap it's 3:18AM and the new episode will start in about 4.3 hours from now and I'm meeting up with @hikaru at noon D: Goodnight # ! !Insomniaponies

                      Saturday, 07-Jan-12 11:27:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    • Well I'm of to bed now it's bucking 1:43AM PST / GMT -8 and school starts in about 6.5 hours D: , Goodnight # !Insomniaponies

                      Friday, 06-Jan-12 09:52:10 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    • I'm pretty sure I've posted a lot on the !Insomniaponies group .... Confound these ponies

                      Friday, 06-Jan-12 07:51:40 UTC from web
                      • 2:27AM PST / GMT -8 ....oh house apples school starts I'm about 5.5 hours D: , Goodnight # !Insomniaponies

                        Thursday, 05-Jan-12 10:36:27 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                      • Oh ... What I in they hay it's already 1:30AM PST / GMT -8 :o , Time flys by when your Ponyin' :3 . Well 6 hours till school starts , Goodnight # :) !Insomniaponies

                        Wednesday, 04-Jan-12 09:38:36 UTC from StatusNet iPhone