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Lapfox Trax fans!

Lapfox Trax fans!

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Fans of the music produced by Lapfox Trax, whether it be for Renart, The Queenstones, Figurehead, Mayhem, or any other artist there!

Lapfox Trax fans! (lapfox) group


  1. So, who picked up the !Lapfox Anthology? :D I know I did~

    Sunday, 17-Jul-11 05:03:51 UTC from web
  2. Distracted from RDN by EqD......... (Distracted from ponies by ponies)

    Tuesday, 14-Jun-11 02:00:22 UTC from web
  3. Hey @brohoof and @nvrrmbr , sorry to break it to you but there's already a !lapfox group on RDN XU

    Saturday, 11-Jun-11 03:50:36 UTC from web
    • Just played Renard's stepchart for Art of the Dress and it's pretty awesome xD A bit too easy maybe, but still very enjoyable !lapfox

      Wednesday, 04-May-11 04:58:58 UTC from web
      • Can I post yet? Errors go away? :C

        Saturday, 30-Apr-11 03:16:39 UTC from web
      • New !lapfox stuff, including two new MLP tunes! Check 'em out !technoponies

        Sunday, 17-Apr-11 16:46:39 UTC from web
        • Hey # and all you !lapfox fans!! New post from Renard (under the artist label Klippa)! - Incorporates Pinkie Pies Evil Enchantress!! :D

          Sunday, 17-Apr-11 06:28:59 UTC from web
        • Afternoon pony-folk; Just tried to buy the Renard release today from !lapfox, but they sold out in less than a minute so I guess trying at 2:01 was too late for a 2:00 release. lol

          Saturday, 16-Apr-11 18:06:28 UTC from web
        • Does anypony have music inspired by the show? Remixes and what not?

          Friday, 15-Apr-11 04:26:58 UTC from web
        • !lapfox - new track up (Casey LaLonde - In June (Mayhem Remix)). Will listen to later, but if anyone has the chance before, lemme know how it is!

          Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 14:01:59 UTC from web
        • !lapfox #

          Saturday, 09-Apr-11 17:30:25 UTC from web
        • !lapfox So I'm finally getting around to listening to # Some classic Mayhem in there with a bit of a harder edge. Scratch and Snuff is absolutely awesome.

          Thursday, 07-Apr-11 19:45:33 UTC from web
          • # How are you all?

            Thursday, 07-Apr-11 18:11:12 UTC from StatusNet Android
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            • @rainbowdash1911 Haha - meant to reply with more on the other one, but I was just on my iPod and it doesn't really like the StatusNet app. I do like dance music, though it really is a wide genre and there are some musicians I'm not fond of. If we want to count a few, we could go with Armin, Calvin Harris, Cascada, Daft Punk (if that counts), Tiesto, Nu:Tone, Wolfgang Gartner. Going alphabetically through my library that is. Just some random stuff here and there. How about yourself?

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 19:22:35 UTC in context
            • @haganbmj I love all of those. Daft Punk would count under Electro. What about Sun Kidz?

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 19:26:57 UTC in context
            • @rainbowdash1911 Yep I'd agree with the electro classification. I'd still dance to some of their stuff though lol. Used to have a friend that would DJ any gathering my friends and I would have. That's where a lot of my music came from, unfortunately I've since moved away. He's doing weekly sets though, so I keep up with those xD - nah though, haven't heard of Sun Kidz (on my iPod btw which doesn't show me your message after I start a response - hope that spelling is right). I'll have to take a look into them.

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 20:21:37 UTC in context
          • !lapfox Has anyone listened to the new Mayhem EP? #

            Thursday, 07-Apr-11 13:59:27 UTC from web
          • Awwww @strawberryspice you beat me to it! >:3 !lapfox

            Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 17:53:27 UTC from web
            • Hey, so I heard you guys liked !lapfox trax and renard so I put some renard in your !lapfox trax so you can !lapfox while you renard ..... Beep

              Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 17:46:37 UTC from web