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My Little Brony - Ohio

My Little Brony - Ohio

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Ohio, USA

Bronies coming from the great state of Ohio!

My Little Brony - Ohio (ohiobronies) group


  1. Blarg!

    Friday, 20-Apr-18 13:23:43 UTC from web
    • !ohiobronies - Season Finale Party Blog Post -

      Monday, 16-Apr-12 04:37:56 UTC from web
      • !ohiobronies We are having a Season Finale Party at the pony house next weekend! Hit up the Ohio Bronies forums for more info! - Though you need to sign in to see the events planning forum.

        Monday, 16-Apr-12 03:58:28 UTC from web
      • It's 8 pages long, but here's my writeup of this weekend's !ohiobronies meetup:

        Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 01:59:40 UTC from web
        • Are there any Cincinnati meetups?

          Friday, 16-Mar-12 17:53:05 UTC from web
        • At long last, my dramatic reading of the Zebra Manuscript is live! !ohiobronies no doubt already saw this on the blog. Features a link to the text so you can read along!

          Monday, 13-Feb-12 15:23:52 UTC from web
          • New to everything, so I'll need time to adjust! Oh, one more thing...GIMME DETAILS ON BRONY MEETS!

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 18:12:55 UTC from web
          • !ohiobronies - Ohayocon 2012 Meetup Times:

            Monday, 23-Jan-12 23:29:02 UTC from web
            • !ohiobronies There will be an Ohayocon 2012 meet - More Info -

              Saturday, 07-Jan-12 21:08:30 UTC from web
              • !ohiobronies So who all is planning on coming to the New Years Party?

                Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 23:07:34 UTC from web
                • !ohiobronies We now have a forum! So sign up and start posting -

                  Tuesday, 22-Nov-11 03:57:51 UTC from web
                • !ohiobronies Fashion Style Peanut Bucker !custompony -

                  Friday, 18-Nov-11 02:13:56 UTC from web
                  • !ohiobronies I will have Fashion Style Peanut Bucker with me at the meet. I will post photos of her tomorrow most likely.

                    Thursday, 17-Nov-11 05:53:14 UTC from web
                    • !ohiobronies So who is excited for the meet in Columbus this coming weekend?

                      Monday, 14-Nov-11 22:44:21 UTC from web
                    • The !ohiobronies group has grown quite a bit since the first Columbus meetup in July (has it really been that long already?) so we're coming back for more! This time, it will be bigger and e̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ two days long. -

                      Sunday, 06-Nov-11 17:40:16 UTC from web
                    • !ohiobronies Look at the pretty Peanut Bucker arts -

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 20:07:23 UTC from web
                    • Would any of you !ohiobronies be interested in buying a Peanut Bucker Brushable for like $25-30? All monies would got to help fund bigger and better meets/events.

                      Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 01:08:29 UTC from web
                    • !ohiobronies The Nightmare Night Party writeup is done! It was written by Kilt. -

                      Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 04:21:17 UTC from web
                      • !ohiobronies @eaglehooves I need to get in contact with Discord, as I realized I can't make his party and am now a sad. I also need to get in contact with Eaglehooves (hence tagging him on this dash) to find out where those pics from the last party vanished to. Also, I hope all who made it had a blast, and we should do this again sometime!

                        Monday, 31-Oct-11 04:29:54 UTC from web
                      • You know what would be awesome? A Greenville, Ohio meetup. Okay, yeah, that's not likely to happen anytime soon, though. !ohiobronies

                        Sunday, 30-Oct-11 06:31:59 UTC from web
                      • !ohiobronies So who all is excited for the Nightmare Night Party this weekend?

                        Friday, 28-Oct-11 20:27:43 UTC from web
                        • !ohiobronies Working on rehairing fashion style Peanut Bucker now. Hopefully she will be all done for the Nightmare Night party this weekend. !customponies

                          Thursday, 27-Oct-11 18:57:40 UTC from web
                          • !ohiobronies Peanut Bucker fashion style version is all painted now. Hopefully the hair I bought for her will arrive soon. !customponies

                            Thursday, 27-Oct-11 03:21:13 UTC from web
                            • !ohiobronies I have started working on a Fashion Style version of Peanut Bucker. Just finished prepping her, now to start on painting. !customponies

                              Thursday, 27-Oct-11 01:25:16 UTC from web
                            • Dammit, forgot to tag my last one !ohiobronies.

                              Sunday, 23-Oct-11 03:54:08 UTC from web
                            • !ohiobronies The Akron Meet has been super awesome so far!

                              Saturday, 22-Oct-11 23:36:42 UTC from web
                              • !ohiobronies oh yesh, my Halloween party is now featuring a pumpkin carving contest! Huzzah. Winners will be submiteed to EqD's pumpkin carving contest! And also receive a free... something-or-other! Look forward to it! ^_~

                                Saturday, 22-Oct-11 08:43:18 UTC from web
                                • !ohiobronies Ahm not gonna make it to Akron this weekend. Too much to do in preparation of next weekend, as well as in general. Pick me up a Canterlot display, plox. ^_~

                                  Saturday, 22-Oct-11 07:52:13 UTC from web
                                  • !ohiobronies Who all is attending the Akron meet this weekend?

                                    Friday, 21-Oct-11 18:52:50 UTC from web
                                  • Here are some WIP photos of some !customponies I have been working on -

                                    Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 15:45:19 UTC from web